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  • Accra whatson
    16/09/2015 - Food
    An occasion for Ghana’s restaurants, hotels and food companies to showcase the diversity of their cuisine and culture. The event is organised in conjunction with the Alliance...
  • Accra whatson
    06/09/2015 - Exhibitions
    The theme of the annual Ghana flower show this year is “The World is Your Garden”. It is designed to promote the importance of horticulture to exports, tourism, employm...
  • Accra whatson
    01/09/2015 - Sport
    Accra’s first international millennium marathon hopes to attract 15,000 participants and 100,000 spectators. It is being organised to promote both the importance of health an...


Yellow Pages

  • Accra whatson
    18/02/2015 - Music
    American acoustic guitarist Earl Klugh is performing at the two-day jazz festival in support of the fight against maternal mortality and leukemia. Klugh, who has 13 Grammy nominati...
  • Accra whatson
    20/01/2015 - Exhibitions
    An exhibition of Ghanaian political cartoons from independence onwards. The cartoons capture the important political, social, religious and economic events of the last six decades....
  • Accra whatson
    17/12/2014 - Festivals & Films
    The Ind!e Fuse festival returns this year under a new name, the Sabolai Radio Music festival. The festival offers live indie music from across west Africa, showcasing hip hop, Afro...
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