Lagos is built on the mainland and a series of islands in the coastal Lagos lagoon. Its character as a natural harbour made it a major point of contact for European settlers. Capital of Nigeria until 1991, when the federal government transferred to purpose-built Abuja, Lagos remains the country's ma...

Lagos News

Lagos celebrates last 50 days of jubilee

Lagos at 50 events take place from 8 April until 27 May. The final celebration of Lagos State’s Golden Jubilee will last for 50 days, beginning on 8 April and ending on 27 May, according to the Lag...
Lagos News

National Theatre in Lagos to be renovated

British Council to run major theatrical workshop at Lagos Theatre. Nigeria's National Theatre in Lagos is to be renovated by the federal government and Lagos State, according to the nation's cultur...
Lagos News

Nigerian collector plans gallery for his collection

One of Nigeria's largest private collectors, retired stock broker Sammy Olagbaju, has announced that he will be building a gallery to house his collection of 1,500 pieces of modern and contemporary Af...
Lagos News

Lagos Black Heritage Festival

The Lagos Black Heritage Festival (LBHF) takes place in Lagos from 25 March to 1 April and this year's edition has a special focus on Nigeria's links with Brazil and Portugal. Under the double them...
Lagos News

Lagos hosts African Movie Academy Awards

This year’s African Movie Academy Awards (AMAAs) will be held in Lagos, rather than its regular venue of Yenagoa in the coastal Bayelsa State in southern Nigeria. The awards, which promote ex...
Lagos News

Lagos Photo Festival

Lagos Photo Festival begins on 9 October. The theme this year is What Next Africa
Lagos News

Goethe Institut re-opens in Lagos

The Goethe-Institut Nigeria has re-opened in Lagos City Hall. Although the opening ceremony took place on 25 March, the institute has been operating out of its new location on Lagos Island since Janua...
Lagos News

Danse Meets Dance in Lagos

Danse Meets Dance, Nigeria
Lagos News

Ages of Nigerian art at the Abuja Velodrome

The recently restructured Velodrome in Abuja is hosting a major exhibition which celebrates Nigeria's visual arts and is curated by artist Jerry Buhari of Ahmadu Bello university, Uwa Usen, national p...
Lagos News

Lagos selected for MTV Africa Music Awards

For the second time, Nigeria has been selected to host the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs). This year's event takes place at the EKO Expo Hall in Lagos on 11 December and comes two years afte...
Lagos News

Lagos to protect cultural sites

This Day online reports that a bill is to be put in place in the Lagos metropolitan area and state to halt the demolition of culturally significant sites. Deputy chief whip of the Lagos State Hous...
Lagos News

?No music day

Musicians in Nigeria have declared 1 September
Lagos News

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie creative writing workshop.

Nigerian writers are invited to apply for participation in a free creative writing workshop in Lagos from 17-26 September. The workshop is being organised by Farafina Trust, a non-profit literary org...
Lagos News

Nigerian films at FESPACO.

Nigeria is one of 25 African countries taking part in the biannual Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) in Burkina Faso from 28 February to 7 March. The Nigerian offering...
Lagos News

Photographs of Nigeria.

Nigeria, through the eyes of a passerby
Lagos News

Lagos Book and Art Festival 2008.

The tenth edition of the annual Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF) takes place from 7-9 November with the theme
Lagos News

Documenting urban transformation through art.

A group of local artists has launched an initiative to represent communities through art as a way of preserving their identity, even when their habitat and way of life has been transformed, local news...
Lagos News

Yoruba arts festival in Lagos.

The World Festival of Yoruba Arts and Culture (WOFEYAC) takes place in Lagos in April. The main aim of the event is to promote the artistic and cultural heritage of the Yoruba people of West Africa. B...


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