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Fired: An Exhibition of South African Ceramics

26 February 2012-26 February 2013. On display is a selection of these rich and diverse ceramic holdings, made of fired clay, which are part of the permanent collections of Iziko Museums. On focus...
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Joshua Miles: New Work 2012

10 December 2011-15 January 2012. This exhibition pays homage to the upcoming printmaker Joshua Miles with this exhibition, which displays his latest works. Miles is generally considered one of th...
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

7 December 2011-13 March 2012. Once again Iziko hosts this exhibition, which showcases the works of the best natural history professional and amateur photographers, who won the wildlife photography co...
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Russian Posters from World War II

24 November 2011-1 April 2012. This exhibition, entitled Windows on War, displays a selection of Russian posters and lithographs, produced in the Soviet Union during world war two and given to the Sou...
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Exhibition by Richard Long

9 November 2011-10 April 2012. This exhibition pays homage to the renowned contemporary British conceptual and land artist, Richard Long. On display are a series of photographs, taken in Southern...
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For Future Generations - Hugh Tracey and the International Library of African Music

19 November 2011-31 March 2012. The Iziko Good Hope Gallery hosts this travelling exhibition, entitled For Future Generations - Hugh Tracey and the International Library of African Music, which pays h...
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Listening to Distant Thunder: The Art of Peter Clarke

20 October 2011-19 February 2011. This exhibition pays homage to The Art of Peter Clarke and his contribution to the South African art. On display are a series of humorous paintings by Clarke, wh...
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Workshop for Young Cartoonist at the South African Jewish Museum

9 October 2011. This workshop was especially created for young cartoonists aged 12 to 17 and gives them the chance to spend a morning with famous cartoonists, such as the creators of the comic strips...
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Photographs by Lidio Cipriani

15 August 2011-30 April 2012. This exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture, displays a series of photographs by the controversial Italian anthropologist, Lidio Cip...
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Ever Young by James Barnor

7 September 2011-29 January 2012. After being displayed at the Rivington Place of London in 2010, this exhibition, entitled Ever Young, after the name of the photographic studio opened in the 1950s b...
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Photographs by Struan Robertson

1 September 2011-31 January 2012. This exhibition, entitled The Cold Choice: Operation Hunger, is organized in memory of the South African photographer Struan Robertson (1927-2011), a neglected artist...
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Neither Man Nor Stone

1 September 2011-29 February 2012. This exhibition, entitled Neither Man Nor Stone, brings together a selection of works coming from the Iziko South African National Gallery
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Sounds and Silences from a San Archive

18 August 2011-15 May 2012. This exhibition, entitled Sound and Silences from a San Archive, displays a series of artefacts, rare wax cylinder sound recordings, ethnographic texts, drawings and other...
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Exhibition by Cicil Skotnes

20 July-1 August 2011. This exhibition entitled the Epic of Everlasting displays the most famous works on the origins of wine by the acclaimed South African artist Cecil Skotnes. Inspired by The...
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Pedestrian Paintings by Andries Gouws

14 July-14 August 2011. This exhibition displays the series Pedestrian Paintings, created by the well
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Tretchikoff: The people’s painter

26 May-25 September 2011. This retrospective pays homage to one of South Africa
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The Indian in DRUM Magazine in the 1950s

11 May-14 August 2011.This exhibition focuses on the representation of the Indian community in South Africa, which was founded by indentured labourers between 1860 and 1917. These Indian workers moved...
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Through the Lens of Ranjith Kally

11 May-11 September 2011. This exhibition displays the works by the 85 years old Durban photographer Ranjith Kally and displays some of his shots taken since 1945. Kally is specialized in portrait...
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TRUTH,COMPASSION,TOLERANCE-ART EXHIBITION- during March. Already been to over 200 cities in the world. (60 countries) theartofzhenshanren.org
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Astronomy of the Great Pyramid

12 March- 22 July 2011. This event focuses in the pyramids of ancient Egypt and particularly on the Great Pyramid of Khofu in Giza, constructed for the burial of pharaohs. Pyramids were originally...


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