Wed, 29 November 2023
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Cairo Opera House cancels Ramadan Evenings

The Cairo Opera House has cancelled this year's Ramadan Evenings over security concerns in the capital. The programme of events, which was reportedly to be smaller than usual, had been scheduled to ta...
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Cairo Opera House on strike

The management of Cairo Opera House as well as the cast of current production Aida have gone on strike in protest over the sacking of Cairo Opera director Ines Abdel-Dayem by the newly-appointed cultu...
Cairo News

Cairo’s Egyptian Museum to be restored

Cairo's Egyptian Museum is to undergo a major upgrading project to enhance the display of artefacts and improve the facilities of the institution located in the central Tahrir Square. Egypt's minis...
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New management at Cairo Film Festival

High-profile Egyptian filmmaker and producer Marianne Khoury has replaced Youssef Cherif Rizkallah as artistic director of the Cairo Film Festival, two months before the 35th edition of the event take...
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High profile festivals cancelled in Cairo

The Cairo International Film Festival and the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre, two of Egypt
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Satellite reveals hidden treasures in Egypt

A satellite survey of Egypt has identified over 1,000 un-excavated tombs, 3,000 ancient settlements and 17 lost pyramids, including two pyramids near the Sakkara pyramid 25 km south of Cairo, suggesti...
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Six ancient Egyptian tombs opened near Cairo

Six ancient Egyptian tombs dating from the Tutankhamun era have been officially opened to the public at Saqqara, 30 km south of Cairo. The 3,000 year-old vaults were re-opened at a ceremony presided o...
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International coalition to help protect Egyptian antiquities

A delegation of American egyptologists has said that it would help generate funding to complete Egypt
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Egypt’s museums reopen

All 24 of Egypt's museums and cultural institutions have reopened to the public after protests and violence forced them to close temporarily during the revolts that toppled the Mubarak regime. Sin...
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Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art Reopened

After a seven-year restoration programme, Cairo's Museum of Islamic Art was officially reopened by President Hosni Mubarak on 14 August. However the 25 galleries will not be open to the general public...
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Cairo’s Garden City villa to be restored

US and Egyptian experts are involved in a joint project to restore Villa Castagli in the leafy Garden City district in central Cairo. The building, one of a number of stately villas built in this...
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Grand Egyptian Museum under construction

The conservation and restoration centre for archaeological remains, power station and fire-fighting unit have been inaugurated at the new Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) being built near the Giza pyramids...
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Antiquities conference opens in Cairo

An international conference calling for the return of antiquities to their country of origin begins in Cairo on 7 April. Culture ministers and heads of museums from 16 countries are taking part. The c...
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Amenhotep III’s head discovered in Egypt

A team of Egyptian and European archaeologists has found a massive red granite head of Amenhotep III, who ruled Egypt nearly 3,400 years ago. The sculpture is part of a bigger statue of the pharaoh, m...
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King Tutankhamun death mystery solved?

The boy-king Tutankhamun may have died from malaria according to the results of new scientific research carried out using DNA tests and CT scans. Speculation has surrounded the death of the young...
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Stolen antiquities conference in Cairo

Egypt is to host a conference on the return of antiquities in Cairo in the spring. It is estimated that about 30 countries, including Greece, Mexico, Peru, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cambodia and China, will...
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Egyptian tombs reveal new discoveries

The discovery of two tombs at the Sakkara necropolis site south of Cairo could reveal new information about the burial and religious rites of ordinary Egyptians, rather than of royalty according to Eg...


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