Tuesday, 13 April 2021
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Marrakesh News

Five Moroccan soups great during winter

  Moroccan soups complement meals adding a tasty touch to meals rich in nutrients. In North Africa, Morocco stands out as a central hub of spices and aromatic foods. Morocco is a beautiful count...
Accra News

Ghana receives the first doses of the free Covax vaccines

The Covax scheme hopes to ensure vaccines are shared equally among both rich and poor nations.  Ghana is now the first African country to receive over 600,000 Oxford-AstraZeneca doses from the Covax...
Cape Town News

South African Covid-19 variant reduces vaccine protections

  In the findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine, research proves that the South African Covid-19 variant reduces protection offered by vaccines. The laboratory study reveals a r...
Arusha News

Italian ambassador killed in attack on UN convoy in DR Congo

Luca Attanasio and a carabiniere were killed in an attack north of Goma in eastern DRC. Italy's ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luca Attanasio, and Italian carabiniere military police...
Lagos News

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala becomes first African and first woman director general of WTO

#AnkaraArmy, #BeLikeNgoziChallenge trend as Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala heads the WTO Nigeria marked the appointment of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in style after her role as the new  World Trade Organizat...
Cairo News

World’s oldest beer factory uncovered in Egypt

  A team of Egyptian and American archeologists has uncovered the world’s oldest mass-production breweries at a prominent Egyptian site. The 5000-year old brewery was dug up by a team of researche...
Cape Town News

AstraZeneca vaccine rollout halted over low effectiveness toward South African variant

South Africa has temporarily halted its AstraZeneca vaccination drive after a new study emerged that the jab is not as effective with the new Covid-19 variant. This study was carried out by the Univ...
Cairo News

Golden-tongued mummies discovered near Alexandria

  Archeologists working at a burial site near Alexandria have uncovered ancient mummies with golden tongues. It is believed that the golden-tongued amulets helped the dead speak in the afterlife w...
Lagos News

10 Best things to do in Lagos

Lagos is a city that never sleeps; businesses here are in active motion 24/7. Thus, Lagos has something to offer to every tourist. If you are planning your next trip to Lagos, here are 10 best things...
Cape Town News

South African army ends hijab ban for military service members

  The South African military has overhauled a ban on a policy that prevented Muslim servicewomen to wear the hijab, a religious headscarf. This ended the three-year advocacy for policy change by a...
Accra News

Best Things To Do In Accra

Accra is the hearty capital of Ghana, located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Accra serves as the administrative, economic, and educational center of the country and is home to the head offices...
Accra News

5 busiest cities in Africa

Africa’s top cities have huge populations marked by high rural-urban migration from the youthful populations flock to urban centers in search of opportunities. It is essential to separate the distinct...
Maputo News

‘Cartegory 1’ Tropical Cyclone Eloise ravages Mozambique

The storm that has swept through Africa’s east coast has displaced thousands in Mozambique and destroyed over 130,000 hectares of crops.  Mozambique is experiencing heavy rains and flooding, brought...
Nairobi News

Green Turtle babies hatch along Kenya’s Southern coastline

The Kenyan coastline is the perfect nesting site for a wide variety of turtles - particularly the green turtles which are regarded as endangered and listed on the International Union for Conservation...
Cairo News

Patrick Zaki to remain in custody for another 15 days

  Over the past 11 months Patrick Zaky, a student at the University of Bologna and of Egyptian nationality, remains held at the Tora prison in Cairo. There was no good news after much hope buil...


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