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Cape Town News

South Africa strikes record helium find

Once the world’s largest gold producer, South African prospectors have stumbled across helium - a new treasure. The gas is often associated with birthday balloons and squeaky voices. Helium is vital...
Cairo News

Divers discover ancient treasures dating 2400 years ago

Ancient Greek archaeological treasures that include ceramics dating 2400-year-old and wicker fruit baskets have been discovered at the site of  an ancient sunken city - Thonis-Heracleion. Reuters desc...
Addis Ababa News

Is Ethiopia on the brink of an all-out civil war?

  Civil war could break out in Ethiopia.  Months of violence in the Northwest Tigray region of Ethiopia are pushing the country to the brink of an all out conflict. The war has highlighted the...
Nairobi News

Afghan evacuees arrive in Africa

  Afghan refugees land in Uganda.  A flight carrying Afghanistan evacuees has touched down in Uganda where they will receive temporary refuge according to government and diplomatic offices. In...
Cairo News

Ancient ship and burial grounds found in submerged city

An ancient ship has been discovered by archeologists in Egypt. The 2200-year-old wreck of the ancient ship sank after knocking one of the giant blocks from the temple of Amun. The galley was discove...
Cairo News

Ancient ship and burial grounds found in submerged city.

An ancient ship has been discovered by archeologists in Egypt. The 2200-year-old wreck of the ancient ship sank after knocking one of the giant blocks from the temple of Amun. The galley was discover...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia completes second filling of Nile dam

Ethiopia just completed the second filing of the highly controversial dam on the Blue Nile River. The news was shared by Ethiopia’s Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation which confirmed the occurrence...
Addis Ababa News

Status of the 2021 Ethiopia election

Ethiopia is about to hold its elections on June 21 this year. The vote is significant as it stands as the first test of PM Abiy Ahmed who rose to power in 2018 in a popular protest movement against th...
Lagos News

Nigeria’s ‘Democracy Day’ marked with protests and tear gas rounds

To mark Democracy Day, nationwide protests were called across Nigeria over bad governance and the unending cases of insecurity.  Tear gas was fired on anti-government protests during those riots that...
Cairo News

Ever Given ship sets sail

Free at last! Ever Given ship sets sail  Remember the container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for several days?  It has now been freed after the owners agreed to a multi-million dollar compensatio...
Cape Town News

South Africa top court sentences Zuma to 15 months imprisonment

South Africa’s top court has found former president Jacob Zuma guilty of “contempt of court” effectively sentencing him to 15 months in prison.  In a majority decision, South Africa’s Constitutional...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia disengages from Tigray with ‘unilateral ceasefire’ declaration

A unilateral ceasefire has been declared in the war-torn Tigray region as rebel fighters seize control of Mekelle, the region's capital.  In a statement delivered by state media Ethiopia’s government...
Addis Ababa News

Conflict rages in Tigray as Ethiopians hold large anti-US protest

6 million of Ethiopia’s 110 million population reside in Tigray where the Ethiopian Federal Government has led a full onslaught that dislodged the TPLF from major cities and towns with the TPLF opting...
Cairo News

Ancient rock-cut burial graves at the Al-Hamidiyah necropolis go back 4,200 years.

Hundreds of ancient tombs carved from rock have been discovered in Egypt according to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities which made the announcement confirming the presence of over 250 graves car...
Nairobi News

First ships arrive at Kenya’s new Lamu deepwater port

Thursday, May 21, saw the first two ships dock at Kenya’s newly launched Lamu deepwater port.  The 32-berth Lamu port was launched in a ceremony presided over by Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta. This...
Nairobi News

The 2021 Forbes Africa ‘30 under 30’ list is out

The annually released Forbes list features influential young Africans under 30 years of age Forbes has released this year's under 30s list that ran under the theme "A new Covid-induced agenda for soc...
Cape Town News

Guinness World Record set as South African woman gives birth to 10 babies

  Birth of 10 twins sets world record.  A South African woman has just given birth to 10 babies breaking a World Record previously held by Halima Cisse, a Malian woman giving birth to nine childre...
Lagos News

Germany to return bronze artifacts to Nigeria

  Precious artifacts to be returned to Nigeria. Precious artifacts looted from the ancient Kingdom of Benin in West Africa (now in present day Nigeria) during the colonial era will be returned. T...
Nairobi News

12 medically proven facts on the Covid-19 vaccine 

Here are 12 medically proven facts that debunk the myths on the coronavirus. Despite the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to workers and other essential service providers, a lot of misinformation still g...
Cairo News

Surprise discovery of first pregnant Egyptian mummy

Polish scientists have discovered that a mummy once thought to be a priest was actually a pregnant woman.  The discovery was made by researchers at the Warsaw Mummy Project and published in the Journ...
Lagos News

Kamaru Usman, the ‘Nigerian nightmare’ retains UFC title

Kamaru Usman clinched the UFC title, Ultimate Fighting Championship, over Jorge Masvidal to clinch the after an impressive fight. In one of the most eventful rosters in modern history, UFC 261 turn...
Nairobi News

Africa to produce 60% of its vaccine needs by 2040

  A new partnership between the African Union and Africa’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention dubbed African Vaccine Manufacturing (PAVM) is looking to leverage global partnerships and pan-...
Cairo News

Lost 'Golden city' discovered in Egypt

A 3,400-year-old lost city discovered in Egypt remains largely untouched and left alone by prior residents. The 3,400-year-old city, discovered by archeologists near Luxor is the largest ancient se...
Cairo News

Senate votes to give Patrick Zaki Italian citizenship

  Patrick George Zaki is a human rights advocate who championed for the truth on the 2016 murder of a Cairo student Giulio Regeni. On Wednesday, the Italian Senate voted to approve a proposal laun...
Dar Es Salaam News

Current Female Heads of Government in Africa

The representation of female voices in government is vital for national unity and equality. In March, a highly anticipated event came to fruition under unfortunate circumstances: Samia Suluhu Hassan...


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