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Nairobi News

The Story of Tob Cohen Murder

The body of 71-year-old Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen was discovered buried in a septic tank at his Kitisuru home in Farasi Lane. He had been missing for two months. The body was discovered blindfolded and w...
Cairo News

Egypt responds to Italian sanctions over Regeni case

Cairo considers measures in retaliation for Italy's decision to cut military supplies. The Egyptian government has said it is considering taking reciprocal measures against Italy after Rome halted...
Arusha News

Tanzania sentences albino killers to death

32 witch doctors arrested in Tanzania A court in north-west Tanzania has sentenced four people to death for the murder of an albino woman who was killed so that her limbs could be used for black m...
Lagos News

60 escape from Boko Haram

Escape follows days of heavy combat in northeast Nigeria More than 60 girls and women kidnapped in June by Islamist militant group Boko Haram are reported to have escaped their captors in a remote...
Nairobi News

Nairobi police on rollerblades

New police unit to combat muggers A new team of police officers on inline skates, or rollerblades, will be deployed on the streets of Nairobi from 1 July, in an effort to curb the rising incidents...
Lagos News

Boko Haram claims responsibility for schoolgirl abduction

international outrage grows The Islamist militia group Boko Haram says it is responsible for last month's abduction of over 200 teenage girls from a boarding school in Chibok in the north-eastern N...
Cape Town News

Auxiliary police on Cape Town streets

First 16 volunteer auxiliaries on the beat Cape Town's first Volunteer Auxiliary Law Enforcement officers have begun operating in the city following council approval of the service over a year ago....
Nairobi News

Kenyatta seeks to defer ICC trial

ICC considers Kenyan leader's plea The International Criminal Court (ICC) has agreed to consider the plea of Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta to defer his upcoming trial for a year. The administ...
Addis Ababa News

AU claims

The African Union (AU) has demanded that the International Criminal Court (ICC) drop its proceedings against Kenya's recently-elected president Uhuru Kenyatta and vice president William Ruto, both of...
Nairobi News

Nairobi’s most dangerous areas

Nairobi’s most dangerous neighbourhoods have been identified in a government-commissioned survey by the independent Security Research and Information Centre. The report's findings are being s...
Accra News

US to train marine police force in Ghana

The US is investing over $1.2 million to build a training centre for the marine unit of the Ghana police, in the city of Anyinase on the country's southwest coast. The construction of the National...
Cape Town News

New steps against dangerous driving in Cape Town

Cape Town police are employing secret cameras on their squad cars to record unsuspecting motorists of dangerous driving. The hidden cameras, which are connected to screens on the police cars' dashb...
Nairobi News

Venezuelan in Kenyan court over diplomatic murder

Kenyan police arrested a senior Venezuelan diplomat on 30 July in relation to the murder of Venezuela's chargé d'affaires, who had been her country’s acting ambassador to Kenya since 15 J...
Maputo News

Mozambique suggests extension of anti-piracy patrols to Kenya

Mozambique has suggested the anti-piracy patrols it currently undertakes in collaboration with South Africa and Tanzania should be extended further north to cover Kenyan waters. Mozambican defence...
Lagos News

Nigeria’s Boko Haram keeps up attacks

Police have confirmed that two attackers were shot dead and four police officers were killed when Nigeria's Islamist sect Boko Haram stormed the central jail in Damaturu, the capital of the northeaste...


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