Lagos News

Lagos lifts hijab ban in schools

Lagos court overturns school hijab ban on religious grounds. The Lagos appeal court has overturned a ban on female Muslim students wearing the hijab headscarf at government schools in Lagos state,...
Lagos News

Nigeria under attack for Shiite killings in Zaria

Amnesty International and US call for investigation into Zaria killings. The United States and Amnesty International are calling for an investigation of what has been defined as a “substantial loss...
Nairobi News

Kenya declares national holiday for papal Mass

Pope Francis to highlight inter-religious dialogue and poverty. The Kenyan government has declared a national holiday of prayer and reflection in honour of Pope Francis who will celebrate an open-a...
Nairobi News

Preparations for Pope Francis' Nairobi visit

Tight security in Kenya for papal visit. Security will be tight in Kenya for the three-day visit by Pope Francis from 25-27 November, especially for the open-air Mass at the University of Nairobi o...
Nairobi News

Nairobi prepares for papal visit

City braces for influx of pilgrims. Nairobi is preparing for Pope Francis's three-day visit from 25-27 November, the highlight of which will be a Mass in front of an estimated 1.5 million faithful...
Cape Town News

Arson attack at Cape Town's open mosque

Controversial open mosque damaged by fire and vandalism A police investigation is underway after the façade of Cape Town's so-called open mosque was damaged by fire and its windows smashed...
Cape Town News

Open mosque causes furore in Cape Town

Mosque would be open to all including non-Muslims A proposed "open mosque" which would be gender-equal and welcome non-Muslims is causing controversy ahead of its scheduled launch on 19 September...
Accra News

Four die in stampede for

Four people were killed and 30 seriously injured at a church in Accra on 19 May in a stampede by churchgoers seeking water with allegedly curative powers. Thousands flocked to the church on Sphinte...
Arusha News

Bombed Arusha church to become pilgrimage site

The Catholic archdiocese in Arusha has declared the Olasiti church, where three people lost their lives in an explosion on 5 May, as a pilgrimage site. In addition to the three casualties, 60 peopl...
Arusha News

Bomb attack on Arusha church

A bomb attack outside a Catholic church in Arusha on 5 May has killed two people and injured at least 30, according to police. Four Saudi Arabian citizens and two Tanzanians have been arrested in c...
Addis Ababa News

New Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Ethiopia's Orthodox Church elected Abune Mathias as its new leader on 28 February, six months after the death of the previous patriarch Abune Paulos who led the church from 1992. Tens of thousands...
Maputo News

Headscarves allowed in Mozambique schools

The Mozambican government has overturned its new law banning the wearing of traditional Muslim headscarves in the country's schools, following confusion over the decree which banned headscarves, veils...
Cairo News

Funeral of Egypt's Coptic Pope Shenouda held in Cairo

The funeral of Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III took place in St Mark's Cathedral, Cairo on 20 March, three days after he died aged 88. Following his death, thousands of Coptic Christians queued to p...
Cairo News

24 killed in Cairo violence

At least 24 people have been killed and over 200 injured after Coptic Christians clashed with military police in Cairo on 9 October, in the most violent scenes since the uprising that resulted in the...
Cape Town News

Cape Town’s Diwali Festival

The Cape Town Diwali festival takes place at Ratanga Junction in Century City, a suburb ten km northeast of the city centre, on 15 October. An annual event on the Hindu calendar, also known as the fes...


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