Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa gives the impression of a capital that is looking to the future while still being firmly rooted in the past. Its fabric bears witness to the various stages in its history, from its imperial origins in the late 1880s through the Italian colonial occupation of 1936-41 to the Marxist dicta...

Addis Ababa News

New Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Ethiopia's Orthodox Church elected Abune Mathias as its new leader on 28 February, six months after the death of the previous patriarch Abune Paulos who led the church from 1992. Tens of thousands...
Addis Ababa News

Churches burnt in southwest Ethiopia

A Protestant organisation is reporting that 69 churches, several Christian homes, a Christian orphanage and a church office were burnt early March in south-western Ethiopia close to the town of Jimma....
Addis Ababa News

Ancient Ethiopian Garima Gospels restored

British and French specialists working at a remote monastery in Ethiopia have helped restore what could be among the oldest surviving illustrated Christian manuscripts, the June 2010 issue of The Art...
Addis Ababa News

Axum cathedral top pilgrimage site.

The cathedral of St Mary of Zion in the northern town of Axum is among the world


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