This new settlement, just off the ring road to the east of the city and close to the international airport, offers a mix of residential and commercial property, much of which is under construction. Consequently, there is a heavy through flow of construction vehicles, which are tearing up the roads. Housing is a combination of modest bungalows, two-storey houses and apartments in low-rise blocks.

There is a limited selection of shops and other services. This area is served by public transport but services are less efficient than in other parts of the city and it is useful to have a car. To the north of Gerji there is a small industrial area specialising in aluminium, packaging and coffee exports. Coffee is widely believed to have originated in Ethiopia, taking its name from the southwestern highland district of Kaffa where coffee arabica grew wild. Now it is grown as a cash crop in many parts of the south and east and is critical to the countrys economy as well as being an integral part of Ethiopian culture and hospitality.

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Address Gerji, Addis Ababa

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Gerji, Addis Ababa