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Is Ethiopia on the brink of an all-out civil war?

  Civil war could break out in Ethiopia.  Months of violence in the Northwest Tigray region of Ethiopia are pushing the country to the brink of an all out conflict. The war has highlighted the...
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Ethiopia completes second filling of Nile dam

Ethiopia just completed the second filing of the highly controversial dam on the Blue Nile River. The news was shared by Ethiopia’s Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation which confirmed the occurrence...
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Status of the 2021 Ethiopia election

Ethiopia is about to hold its elections on June 21 this year. The vote is significant as it stands as the first test of PM Abiy Ahmed who rose to power in 2018 in a popular protest movement against th...
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Ethiopia disengages from Tigray with ‘unilateral ceasefire’ declaration

A unilateral ceasefire has been declared in the war-torn Tigray region as rebel fighters seize control of Mekelle, the region's capital.  In a statement delivered by state media Ethiopia’s government...
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Conflict rages in Tigray as Ethiopians hold large anti-US protest

6 million of Ethiopia’s 110 million population reside in Tigray where the Ethiopian Federal Government has led a full onslaught that dislodged the TPLF from major cities and towns with the TPLF opting...
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Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan trade blame as talks fail

  The Kinshasa two-day talks between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt over the Nile dam have faltered after the Ethiopian delegation blamed their counterparts for obstruction.  A solution to the Grand R...
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GERD Dam talks: Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt talks mired in uncertainty

Sudan expressed frustrations as negotiations stalled, while Egypt and Ethiopia blame Sudanese objections for the recent impasse.  Another round of talks aiming to break the stalemate over the GERD...
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Sudan sends more troops to Ethiopia border after deadly clashes

  Tensions at the Sudan-Ethiopia border forcing Khartoum to deploy significant military reinforcements along its eastern border, a few days after an ambush linked to Ethiopian forces.  Khartoum...
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EU holds onto Ethiopia budget support over Tigray conflict

The Europen Union has withheld millions of Euros in budgetary support to Ethiopia over the Tigray conflict. Humanitarian workers are voicing concern over the living conditions facing survivors of the...
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Ethiopia PM ends offensive after the capture of Tigray’s capital Mekelle

Despite the TPLF vowing to continue fighting, Abiy Ahmed announced an end to military operations in the Tigray region after the army declared “full control” over the city. Ethiopia’s government has...
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Tigray rejects the 72-hour surrender ultimatum

  Gebretsion Micheal the leader of Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) rejected the 72-hour Monday ultimatum by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in regards to the dissident region of Tigray....
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Clock ticking for Tigray as Ethiopia PM gives a 72-hour ultimatum

  In an unprecedented move, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has issued a scathing attack on the ‘rebellious’ Tigray region while the latter promises to keep on the fight. Ethiopia’s PM has s...
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Ethiopia Tigray conflict

For over a week, Ethiopian government forces have declared war against the regional government of Tigray in the country’s North. Thus far unconfirmed reports indicate the loss of hundreds of lives. ...
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Ethiopia accuses Trump of stoking the fires of war over the dam issue

Ethiopia demanded a clarification from U.S President Donald J. Trump over comments he made regarding blowing up the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a project whose construction is mired in deep contr...
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Sudan restores ties with Israel

This year Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates signed a peace accord to end hostilities and normalize relations with Israel. The United States and Israel will boost trade with Sudan and help the confl...
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Israel to allow in thousands of Ethiopian Jewish immigrants

Some 2000 fortunate Ethiopian Jews will immigrate to Israel by the year’s end after the Israeli parliament approved $52 million funds to facilitate the process. The news has received mixed reaction...
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Unrest in Ethiopia over the Shooting of Talented Singer Hachalu Hundessa

Mass protests broke out in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa after popular Oromo singer and musician Hachalu Hundessa was murdered. The incident happened on Monday night sparking outrage across the cou...
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Will the grand GERD dam trigger a war between Egypt and Ethiopia?

The war of words has recently escalated between Egypt and Ethiopia over the project for the grand Ethiopian dam GERD  and it threatens to turn the Nile, one of the world natural and civilizational won...
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Ethiopia announces state of emergency among other measures

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ethiopia are now at 74, including 3 fatalities. Africa’s second-most populous nation declared a state of emergency on April 8 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic....
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Coronavirus in Africa: Italian doctor leaves family to go and help in Ethiopia

Dr. Giovanni Putoto was the only passenger on the intercontinental flight from Rome to Addis Ababa last Thursday. He decided to leave his wife and kids to go and help prepare for the Coronavirus pande...
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Alibaba founder Jack Ma donates kits to help Africa combat coronavirus

Jack Ma, Alibaba founder donates millions worth of face masks, test kits, for each of the 54 African countries to combat coronavirus.  Jack Ma recently donated masks and other testing kits to the Uni...
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Top things to do in Ethiopia

  Ethiopia is not one of those highly advertised destinations such as safari national parks or game reserves, but it definitely grabs every travelers’ attention. Just to be clear, if you hardly...
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Top startups in Africa to watch out for this 2020

For a while now, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya were the main startup hubs in Africa, a trend that is slowly changing as innovation spreads across every corner of the continent. Here are some of the...
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Ethiopia and Eritrea declare end of war

Ethiopia and Eritrea sign peace agreements.  The successful high-level meeting between the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea has laid the foundations for a new era of peace between the two countries wh...
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Arrests after Addis Ababa bombing

Some 30 arrests have been made as a result of the bombing in Meskel Square on 23 June that killed three people and injured over 150. Among those held are the deputy police commissioner of Addis Ababa...
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Ethiopia visa applications now available online

Ethiopian e-visa system now available. Visas for Ethiopia are now available online. The programme to allow online applications for all nationalities has been in the making since 2017, in collaboratio...
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Ethiopia and Sudan sign port agreement

Ethiopia signs agreements for Red Sea access. Sudan and Ethiopia have agreed that Ethiopia should invest in the development and administration of Port Sudan, Sudan’s principal port on the Red Sea....
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Ethiopia gets new prime minister

New Ethiopian prime minister from the Oromia region. Abiy Ahmed was sworn is as Ethiopia’s new prime minister by the country’s legislature on 1 April only a few days after he had been voted in as cha...
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Chronic air pollution in Addis Ababa

Smog levels in Addis Ababa far exceed safe health norms.More than 800,000 people were affected by respiratory illness in Addis Ababa due to air pollution last year, according to a report on the capita...
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Ethiopia lifts state of emergency

Emergency measures had been in effect since last October. Ethiopia has lifted the country's state of emergency which had been in place since last October 2016, following a parliament session on 4 Aug...


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