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Addis Ababa News

International coffee conference in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is hosting an international conference on coffee under the theme Ethiopian Coffee Export Conference: Strengthening the Legacy of Our Coffee, from 8 - 9 November. The Ethiopian Coffee Ex...
Addis Ababa News

African coffee conference in Addis Ababa

The ninth edition of the African Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition in Ethiopia is being held in Addis Ababa from 16-18 February. With the theme
Addis Ababa News

Indian firm grows crops in Ethiopia

An Indian company is to plant crops such as rice, maize and soya beans on over 20,000 hectares of land in Oromia state, which stretches from west Ethiopia to the southern border, and 15,000 hectares o...
Addis Ababa News

Japan supports bio-farm project in Addis Ababa

A bio-farm project funded by the Japanese government has taken place in Yeka Sub-City, Addis Ababa. The project supported a women
Addis Ababa News

Quality Ethiopian coffee

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), the only regulated commodities market in the country, has adopted the Q Coffee Quality Certification System to grade specialty coffee consignments for export as...
Addis Ababa News

Egypt to lease Ethiopia farmland

The Ethiopian government has agreed to lease 20,000 hectares of land in the northern Afar region to Egypt for commercial farming purposes, the English-language business weekly newspaper Capital Ethiop...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange launches sesame trading.

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange has begun trading in sesame in the latest move to expand its operations in the country. On 4 May, the first day of trading, the regulated commodities market traded 1,...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia Commodities Exchange expands.

The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) has announced plans to introduce 5,000 information kiosks across the country over the next five years in its bid to improve the market environment for local farme...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia Commodity Exchange sells to WFP.

The recently opened Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) has completed its first sale to the United Nations
Addis Ababa News

Wine production in Ethiopia.

Leading French beverages company Groupe Castel is to begin producing wine in Ethiopia,


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