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Addis Contemporary in Nairobi

Eleven contemporary Ethiopian artists are showing their work at the Circle Art gallery in Nairobi in an exhibition curated by Mifta Zikele. Most of the artists were born and live in Addis Ababa and...
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Addis Documentary Film Festival

The festival, founded by Initiative Africa, is now in its ninth year and is one of the most information documentary festivals in Africa. Some of the 60 documentaries this year, selected from all ov...
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Slave Routes and Commemorations

A round table on the causes, the operations and the consequences of slavery, focusing in particular on the Horn of Africa. There is also the opening of the exhibition Lest We Forget: the Triumph ov...
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International Jazz Day in Addis

The Alliance Française celebrates International Jazz Day, and the centenary of the birthday of Billie Holiday with a concert by Munit Mesfin (voice) Abegazu K Shiota (keys), Girum Mezmur (guita...
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The Earth from Above

Aerial photos of planet Earth towards a sustainable development. Photos are by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French environmental photographer and activist, taken from his millennium project The Earth from...
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Women's Day in Addis Ababa

Embassies and cultural institutes present a programme for international women's day of exhibitions, films, discussion groups, a concert and a bazaar all based on the theme of women. An exhibition b...
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Addis Photo Festival

The director of the third Addis photo festival announced at the beginning of this year that the focus on the festival would be on image through a global framework. The idea is to attract new audien...
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City Spirits: Addis Ababa

Opening of the exhibition by French artist Patrick Singh who has just spent a four-month residency in Addis Ababa hosted by the Alliance Ethio-Française and Total Ethiopia. The works, mainly...
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Colours of the Nile film festival

Screenings of Adamt (best short film) and President Dia (best documentary). Adamt (2013), an Ethiopian film is about a young Ethiopian composer and drummer whose life is changed when a deaf spirit...
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European film festival in Addis Ababa

The annual European film festival takes place this year with showings as usual at the Alliance Française, the Goethe Institute and the Italian Cultural Centre. Fifteen countries are taking p...
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Yohannes Bayou

This exhibition entitled Identity displays work by the young Ethiopian artist who examines the destruction of the historic neighbourhoods and buildings of Addis Ababa in an attempt to understand the n...
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Mexican Month in Addis Ababa

The complicities of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo 1914-1955. Organised by the Mexican embassy in Addis Ababa as part of the 65th anniversary of bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Mexico. Th...
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Mulugeta Tafesse

Mulugeta Tafesse graduated from the Fine Arts School in Addis Ababa but has spent much of his life in Europe, particularly in Belgium. His mainly figurative works are in soft greys, greens, browns...
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Les Manuscrits de Tombouctou

Part of the celebrations of French language week this exhibition is based on the book The Timbuktu Manuscripts by French journalist Jean-Michel Djian. The Timbuktu Manuscripts, some dating back to...
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Status of women in Ethiopia and Africa today

8 March To mark international women’s day the Alliance Ethio-Française is organising a series of talks and discussions, as well as music and drama. Alliance Ethio-Francaise, Wavel Street,...
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Destino Dance Company

The launch of the new contemporary dance company Destino. Dancers Addisu Demissie and Junaid Jemul Sendi present Dance for Change, which includes three recent choreographies. Demissie and Sendi use da...
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Listro and Kure-Yalew

The showing of the brief documentaries Supporting Spaces by Bisrat Kifle and Recycling Spaces by Felix Heisel are followed by an open discussion on the themes of the role of listros (shoe shiners) and...
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Wendimagegn Gashaw

Opening of the exhibition by the Addis artist, Wendimagegn Gashaw who had his first solo show at the Alliance Ethio-Française in 2011. Born in 1985 Gashaw is a realist painter who works with...
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The churches of Lalibela. History and meaning

The presentation of this book by anthropologist Jacques Mercier and Claude Lepage. Mercier has been specialising in Ethiopia since 1972 when he studied Ethiopian esoteric and traditional medicine....
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Kidist Berhane displays her work in this group show by 15 women artists on the theme of coffee at the National Museum of Ethiopia. Coffee is grown mainly in Kaffe, a western region of Ethiopia, an...


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