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Photographic Exhibition by Hugues Fontaine

31 Jan-18 Feb. On occasion of the release of the book Un train en Afrique, African Train. Djibouti-Ethiopia, published by the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies, this exhibition displays the photogra...
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Francesco Cusa & The Assassins

31 Jan. This jazz concert is performed by the famous musician Francesco Cusa and his new trio band, The Assassins. This trio has inherited the same compository approach as Cusa’s previous gro...
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Acacia Jazz Festival

1 Feb. The German electric guitarist Werner Neumann inaugurates the Acacia Jazz Festival, which takes place on the following weekend. Born 1964 in Cologne, Werner studied music and jazz guitar and...
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Comics, Manga & Co: The new culture of German comics

29 Jan-15 Feb. This exhibition, entitled Comics, Manga & Co, focuses on two generation of German comic artists: the avant-garde, which contributed to the birth of an independent culture of German...
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Projection of Goethe!

16 Jan. This movie, directed by Philipp Stölzl, deals with the story of the life of the German poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). It tells a story of friendship, the discr...
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Film Workshop at Italian Cultural Institute

21 Jan-22 Mar. The European Union National Institutes for Culture present this film workshop, conducted by the Ethiopian screenwriter and director Solomon Bekele, in cooperation with the European Unio...
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Dance & Circus Performance by Krafff

7 Dec. Alliance Ethio-Française stages this dance and circus performance by Krafff. Four performers will undertake a surprising ballet of fold, crumple, twist and tie, which will give life to a...
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Selam Festival 2012

8-9 Dec. The third edition of the famous Selam Festival will gather together a great variety of local and international musicians coming from Sweden, Mozambique, the Ivory Coast and Kenya, who will pe...
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Colours of the Nile International Film Festival

7-11 Nov. The Colours of the Nile International Film Festival (CNIFF) celebrates East African and African Cinema. The programme includes 58 fiction films, shorts and documentaries by African direc...
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Walls between People

1-15 November 2012. This exhibition, entitled Walls between People, focuses on new barriers, which have been built worldwide in the 20 years following the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this era, domi...
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European Film Festival

12-25 November 2012. This edition of the European Film Festival takes place throughout November at various cultural institutes around Addis Ababa. The Italian Culture Institute screens on 12 Nov at...
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X Privacy by Dawit Abebe

9-25 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled X Privacy, displays the latest works by the Ethiopian artist Dawit Abebe, ispired by his vision of society in modern times. Abebe has graduated from the...
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Japanese Film Festival

15-16 October 2012. The embassy of Japan and the Alliance Ethio-Française organizes this Japanese Film Festival. The festival opens on 15 October with a cocktail (19.15-19.45), followed by t...
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Great Ethiopia Run 2012

Ethiopian Sport Celebrity Tour Ethiopia, the land of Great long Distance Runner! Addis Ethiopia Tour is an Ethiopian based company offering Ethiopian sport celebrity tours. As the creators of the...
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7th Ibero-American Film Festival

1-6 October 2012. The Ibero-American Film Festival is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the embassies of Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Portugal and Spain. On 3 Oc...
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Piano Recital by Francesco Taskayali

25 September 2012. This live concert is performed by the 21-year-old Italian pianist Francesco Taskayali. In his compositions classic piano traditions meet minimalistic trends and Eastern rhythms....
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Film Screening of Adopted

14 June 2012. Goethe Institut hosts the screening of the movie Adopted by Gudrun F. Widlok. The emphasis is on the dominant perception that the rich West gives something to the poor South. For once th...
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Tracing Memories

7 June-6 July 2012. This photographic exhibition, entitled From Arat to Sedist Kilo, displays a series of collages created by the Italian photographer Antonio Fiorente. On focus are the three building...
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Exhibition on Emperor Menelik II’s Personal Physician

18-30 June 2012. The Institute of Ethiopian Studies pays homage to the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II and his personal physician Dr. Max Steinkühler with a symposium followed by an exhibition. I...
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Building the Konso Visual Archives

17-31 May 2012. This exhibition, organized by the Konso Cultural Centre (Karat, Konso) and the Italian Cultural Institute (Addis Ababa), displays a series of selected photographs, which focus on the a...


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