Cairo What's on

Cairo International Women's Film Festival

27 Feb-3 March. Women's film festival schedules 60 screenings. The film festival screens international and local films on important social, cultural and political issues. The films, from 40 countri...
Cape Town What's on

Cape Town Pride

27 Feb. Pride March and Mardi Gras Festival. The highlight of Gay Pride festival in Cape Town is the Pride March on Saturday 27 February from Gallows Hill and ending at the parking area in Vlei Roa...
Cairo What's on

Cairo Video Film festival

Cairo video festival to show video art and experimental films. 10-25 Dec. A selection of films by more than 116 artists and 38 countries organised by the collective Medrar for Contemporary Art. Sc...
Cairo What's on

Cairo International film festival

Cairo films festival to remember Faten Hamama. 11-20 Nov. The Lady of the Arab Screen is theme of the 37th edition of the festival, dedicated to the Egyptian actress who died in January this year....
Lagos What's on

African International Film festival

8-15 Nov. As well as the awards for the best films with a strong African connection (subject, directors and actors) there are also workshops on marketing, digitalisation, management, piracy and sponso...
Lagos What's on

Lagos photo festival

24 Oct-27 Nov. This international photo festival returns to Lagos for the sixth year. The focus is on design and Africa, on how the continent sees itself, its past present and future. Photographs, des...
Arusha What's on

Arusha Africa film festival

Understanding Africa through film. A series of screening, street projections, workshops and an occasion to network. Some 26 films from all Africa have been selected this year as well as a couple fr...
Nairobi What's on

Out Film Festival. Speak Out

The Goethe Institut is hosting the fifth annual film festival of LGBT-themed films from Africa and worldwide. The festival includes films and discussions to encourage the underground gay communitie...
Maputo What's on

Festival Fim do Caminho

Films to be screened throughout the country Film showings in various historic sites in Maputo and around the country. The programme includes shorts curated by Interfilm Berlin, full-length Europ...
Nairobi What's on

Slum film festival Nairobi

The fifth edition of the Slumfilmfestival in Nairobi will be showing some 30 films, about slums or made in the slums around the world. A third of the films are made by Kenyan film makers, with othe...
Cape Town What's on

Cape Town Design Fair opens

12-23 Aug. Design for tomorrow is the theme of Cape Town's Open Design festival. The main events take place at the V&A Waterfront and city hall with exhibitions and film viewings, while the rest o...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Zanzibar International Film Festival 2015

This important film festival (ZIFF) returns to Zanzibar this year with the theme Waves and Visions of Hope. There are 80 films from 41 countries showing at four locations around Stone Town as well...
Cape Town What's on

Cape Town Nu World festival

This two-day music festival, which used to be called Cape Town World Music festival, coincides with Mandela weekend. This year's theme is Wild and Wise and is headlined by award-winning Simphiwe Da...
Maputo What's on

Kugoma short film festival

The short films shown at the festival will then be shown in schools around the country in July and August with a mobile unit running on solar power. The focus of the festival is on environmental educ...
Addis Ababa What's on

Addis Documentary Film Festival

The festival, founded by Initiative Africa, is now in its ninth year and is one of the most information documentary festivals in Africa. Some of the 60 documentaries this year, selected from all ov...


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