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Tanzania Tradex 2014

About 20 countries will participate in this year's Tanzania Tradex 2014. The categories include automotives, building and construction, electronics, hotel and catering, medical and health, printing...
Lagos What's on

Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship conference

Under the theme of “turning passion into profit” the two-day conference in Lagos will cover such subjects as mobile money, forms of partnership, start-ups, expansion, quality and service i...
Nairobi What's on

What future for democracy in Somaliland?

This public discussion focuses on the future of democracy in Somaliland, which has worked since its independence in 1961 to create a multi-party democracy. The result has been a complex asset of polit...
Cairo What's on

East Meets West Business Conference

12-14 Jan. The Academy of International Business - Middle East and North Africa Committee, in cooperation with the School of Business, present the third annual East Meets West conference, which offer...
Cairo What's on

Global Youth Employment Crisis Conference

3-4 Feb. This workshop, entitled The Global Youth Employment Crisis in a Comparative Perspective, is organized by the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and the Munk School of Global Affairs...
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Education For Global Prosperity by Ash Hartwell

12 Feb. This lecture, entitled Education for Global Prosperity, is part of a larger series on educational reform, organized by the Graduate School of Education. The speaker is Ash Hartwell, facult...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Ethnomusicology Symposium at the University of Dar es Salaam

31 July-4 August 2012. The University of Dar es Salaam hosts an international Ethnomusicology Symposium. The speakers Prof. Gerhard Kubik and Prof. Frank Gunderson from the Department of Fine and P...
Maputo What's on

Conference on Accumulation and Transformation in a Context of International Crisis

4-5 September 2012. The Institute for Social and Economical Studies of Maputo hosts a conference, entitled Mozambique: Accumulation and Transformation in a Context of International Crisis.
Lagos What's on

Roundtable Discussion ArtSpace RoundUp

23 June 2012.This roundtable discussion is part of ArtSpace RoundUp, a series of events, which focus on time, spatial/social displacement and artistic/architectural practice. On this occasion the p...
Lagos What's on

Author's Talk

7 July 2012. This book reading, better known as Author’s Talk, offers a great platform for young and emerging Nigerian writers to present and discuss their works to an audience of publishers, jo...
Cairo What's on

Annual Conference on Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement

10-12 June 2012. This annual conference, entitled Takaful, is organized by the John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement. It is the first interdisciplinary forum for research in...
Arusha What's on

Agribusiness fair in Arusha

Tanzania's inaugural agribusiness fair is scheduled to take place at the Selian Agricultural Research Centre in Arusha on 8-9 June. The theme of the two-day agricultural expo is "Promoting Agribusi...
Accra What's on

Accra hosts National Policy Fair

Ghana’s third National Policy Fair takes place in Accra, from 16 - 21 April, under the theme "Building together in a better Ghana”. Designed as a platform for dialogue between policy ma...
Addis Ababa What's on

Addis Ababa hosts World Congress on Public Health

Addis Ababa hosts World Congress on Public Health The 13th World Congress on Public Health is being held at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa, from 23-27 April, under the theme “Moving towar...
Maputo What's on

International mining and energy conference in Maputo

The third edition of the Mozambique Mines and Energy Conference takes place in Maputo from 24 - 25 April. The two-day conference is designed to strengthen Mozambique’s mining and energy poten...


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