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Marrakesh What's on

10 Exciting Things to See in Morocco

Ancient ruins, sunlit beaches, and rolling sand dunes cover the landscape of Morocco. In a country so rich with history and natural beauty, it may be difficult to decide what to see and do first. Th...
Cape Town What's on

South African artists posting on #21DaysOfArtSA

  The Instagram postings on #21DaysOfArtSA by South African artists are coming in fast. They cover a large range of media and themes, as well as comments by the artists themselves; still lifes,...
Nairobi What's on

Nairobi contemporary art gallery puts exhibitions online

The One Off Contemporary Art Gallery in Nairobi has a virtual exhibition available online of new works by some of its artists. The works on show are by Beatrice Wanjiku, Richard Kimathi, Timothy Broo...
Nairobi What's on

How to get a SIM card in Kenya

Your best bet would be to get a Kenyan SIM that gives you access to Mobile data which is packaged in small bundles that can be accessed anywhere.  Have you just checked in into Kenya through the Jomo...
Marrakesh What's on

Coronavirus in Africa: Italy lends Tunisia 50 milion Euros

"Italy and Tunisia continue to cooperate to overcome this difficult moment together. Italy, through the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, paid 50 million euros (about 157 million dinars) as aid credit to...
Cape Town What's on

Keeping the arts going in South Africa

  South Africa is in lockdown from 26 March to 16 April. To keep the arts going the First Thursdays Cape Town and Johannesburg initiative is offering suggestions of what to do at and from home, ins...
Nairobi What's on

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery in Nairobi

  The One off Contemporary Art Gallery has boosted its website with illustrations of new work from its artists. The Gallery is still selling but via email and says that it is able to ship worldwid...
Accra What's on

Top festivals in Ghana passed down from the past

Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana can be considered one of the epicenters of West African culture, customs, and traditions. Traditional festivals Ghana marks over 70 festivals annually. The fe...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Rwanda unveils the first ‘Made in Africa’ smartphone

Rwanda unveils the first ‘Made in Africa’ smartphone The Mara Group in Rwanda launched two smartphones which they touted as the only made in Africa models. The phonses are a product of a string of me...
Maputo What's on

The rapid recovery of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique

Recent census results point to a rebound in the wildlife populations of Gorongosa National Park over the past several years.  The 16-year long civil war devastated Mozambique, killed over a million p...
Cairo What's on

Egypt renovates the oldest pyramid

After a 14 year period of restoration, Egypt finally reopens its oldest pyramid to the public.  Dating back over 4700 years when it was built as the tomb to Pharaoh Djoser, this unique ‘wonder of the...
Cape Town What's on

South African choir urging for calm in the fight against coronavirus

The Ndlovu Youth choir in South Africa has become an international sensation with their song on preventative measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. The choir received glowing reviews across the c...
Lagos What's on

Lagos Theatre Festival marks 7th Edition

  Lagos is the heart of Nigeria’s transformative artistic style. The sprawling megacity in the heart of West Africa harbors a rich generation of young artists, exquisite art galleries and collectio...
Cape Town What's on

Rocking the Daisies music festival in Darling

In just 2 days the quiet little town of Darling – which is less than an hour’s drive from the heart of the Mother City – will come alive with festivalgoers making their way to the 14th edition of one...
Cairo What's on

Cairotronica Festival 2018

5-12 May. The second edition of the Cairotronica Festival runs until 12 May. The theme this year is A Future of Possibilities and exhibitions, screenings and workshops present the latest in design, en...


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