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Nairobi contemporary art gallery puts exhibitions online

The One Off Contemporary Art Gallery in Nairobi has a virtual exhibition available online of new works by some of its artists. The works on show are by Beatrice Wanjiku, Richard Kimathi, Timothy Broo...
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Richard Kimathi at One Off Contemporary Art

27 Feb-27 March. Kenyan artist looks at problems of The Common People. One of Kenya's foremost artists examines common problems for ordinary people, whether immigration, dress and the havoc and pre...
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Recent Works II at One Off Gallery

The One Off Gallery in Nairobi presents the second in its recent works series to present work by the gallery's artists. There are Untitled drawings by Peterson Kamwathi, works on paper by Beatrice...
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Anthony Okello at One Off Gallery

This is Okello's second solo exhibition at the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery. The Kenyan artist, a sort of African Chagall, has worked at the Kuona Trust, has had his work on sale in a charity a...
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Welcome Back From London

A chance to see work by artists represented by the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery that was shown in London in 2014 at the Gallery of African Art, 9 Cork Street. Oil paintings by 11 well-known Ken...
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Your Name Betrays You

An installation by Wambui Kamiru that looks at ethnicity and the way names were used by missionaries and colonial powers to “classify” the people under their control and then to divide and...
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Magdi Adam

Paintings by the Sudanese artist Magdi Adam. He works in acrylics, oils and pastels.
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Jak Katarikawe

Katarikawe is often called Africa's Chagall because of his dream-world subject matter and his use of colours. He is quoted as saying that everything he paints – and sometimes there is a fine...
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Between Us by Miriam Syowia Kyambi

This exhibition by Miriam Syowia Kyambi is a combination of live-art performance, installation, photography, video and workshop, which explores ideas of what is acceptable, what is private and how our...
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The Forgotten People

A photographic exhibition of Palestinian refugees in exile.
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The Return of Joy Adamson

Watercolours by Joy Adamson. Her paintings illustrate her life as a conservationist and chronicler of the diversity of the natural environment in Kenya. Adamson, who was born in 1910 in what is now...
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Clinton Kirkpatrick

Where he ran and returned to. An exhibition of paintings and woodcut prints by Northern Irish artist Clinton Kirkpatrick inspired by the time he spent in Kenya in 2011-2012. Kirkpatrick, who first...
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Identity through Street Art

Opening of the exhibition Identity through Street Art at the Kenya Culture Center. This graffiti art exhibition, supported by urban artist Uhuru Brown is the result of a community outreach programm...
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Sex and the City

An exhibition of work by Michael Soi, John Kamicha and Thom Ogonga. Soi is one the the second generation Kenyan artists and a Kuona Trust prodigee. He started as a sculptor and then moved to socia...
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Alexandra Spyratos

Before the rains, after the rains. New work by Alexandra Spyratos, who was born in Kenya but travels between Australia, Europe and Africa. Her paintings of animals, especially her zebras and giraffes,...
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John Kamicha and Yassir Ali Mohammed

Kenyan artist John Kamicha and Sudanese Yassir Ali Mohammed are showing together at the Banana Hill Gallery. Kamicha’s work has been influenced by the violence and bloodshed of the post-2007...
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Mourning the Loss

This group exhibition of work by some of Kenya’s internationally known artists – Chelenge Van Rampelberg, Timothy Brooke, Peterson Kamwathi and Elijah Ooko – focuses on the plight an...
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Mwanamke ni Effort

Paintings by James Njoroge in his first solo exhibition. The works in the show are a tribute to his mother and all the “faceless” women of Kenyan, ignored, marginalised and burdened by...
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Wamama Na Kazi

The three women in this group exhibition explore the roles of women. The artists are Maryann Muthoni, Caroline Mbirua and Esther Mukuhi. Muthoni is based at the Kuona Trust Studios as a full-time...
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Exhibition of work by William Wambugu, an up-and-coming artist who focuses on the details of the world around him in his drawings and sketches. This exhibition at the Goethe Institut includes many...


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