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Sanaa ya Makaratasi Exhibition

3-30 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Sanaa ya Makaratasi, focuses on the African paper art process as well as on substance and environment. On display are a series of paintings, drawings, pa...
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Signs of History Exhibition

3-31 July 2012. This joint exhibition, organized by the Mexican Embassy in Nairobi, is entitled Signs of History. It displays the works by Martha Delgado Ponce and Casandra Sabag Hillen. In contemp...
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Recent Works by Michael Soi and Ogonga Thom

24 June-25 July 2012. This exhibition gathers together the most recent works by two Kenyan artists: the award winning Michael Soi and the self-taught Ogonga Thom. Soi graduated from art school 1996...
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Lake Basin Art Group Exhibition

6 May-30 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Tranquil Waters, features the paintings by Lake Basin Art Group (LBAG). This unique group of artists, coming from the lake region in western Kenya, is...
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11 in One Day Art Exhibition

31 May-30 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled 11 in One Day, displays 25 works by some leading and talented African visual artists, such as Peterson Kamwathi, Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann, Ato Malinda, X...
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Photographs by Zia Manji

15-24 June 2012. For the first time this exhibition, entitled Equilibrium: A Moment of Solitude, displays a series of 30 black and white images by the photographer Zia Manji. These images, which ca...
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The Chronic Library Exhibition

2-27 July 2012. This exhibition, entitled The Chronic Library, consists of an installation of posters, books, journals, music and films, displayed in an interactive reading room.  Its aim is t...
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Exhibition by Miriam Rubino

6 May-10 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Nature, Nurture and Other Visual Meditations, displays the works by the Argentinean visual artist Miriam Rubino. Her latest colourful and playful works ar...
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Indigenous Identity in Urban Australia

24 May-1 June 2012. This art exhibition, entitled Message Stick, pays homage to the Indigenous Identity in Urban Australia and is presented by the Australian High Commission. On display is a select...
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Kangaeru by Yoshinari Nishio

4-27 May 2012. This exhibition, entitled Kangaeru, displays the works by the contemporary artist Yoshinari Nishio and his artists collective, Nishio Workshop Nairobi. This series of works was produ...
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Power of Unity Art Exhibition

22 May-22 July 2012. This exhibition, entitled Power of unity: creating a vital voice for artists to influence good governance. It aims to enable the artists to create a platform and forum, which t...
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The Language of African Art by Chuma Pascal

19 May-1 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled The Language of African Art, displays the works by the Kenyan artist Chuma Pascal. Pascal started drawing when he as five years old, he later participa...
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Geraldine Robarts’ Spirit of Africa

30 May-10 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled The Spirit of Africa, displays a series of about 20 paintings by the English painter Geraldine Robarts. Her paintings, which are dedicated to the past...
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Shades of Time Art Exhibition

15-31 May 2012. This exhibition by Kaafiri Kariuki is entitled Shades of Time. Kariuki critically portrays contemporary society in what he calls its ironic existence. This Kenyan artist, who has be...
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Kenya Burning Exhibition

30 January-31 March 2012. This exhibition, entitled Kenya Burning - Never Forget Never Again, retraces the episodes of violence that occurred in Kenya after the elections of 2008. On display are over...


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