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Safaricom international jazz festival

The jazz festival culminates with an all-day event headed by South Africa's Jonathan Butler at the Ngong race course. Singer-song writer and guitarist, Butler was one of the first black singers to...
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Kunle Ayo for Safaricom jazz festival

Kunle Ayo, one of the continent's most-in-demand jazz guitarists performs at the Carnivore Grounds under the auspices of the Safaricom jazz festival. Nigerian-born Ayo, who has made his name perfor...
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World Music Day

Nairobi celebrates world music day at the Alliance Francaise with Peter Elungat, Ghetto Classics, Kiu, Octave and Anto Neosoul, one of Kenya’s top soul vocalists. World Music Day was first la...
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Nairobi International Jazz Festival

International and local musicians play in this week-long international jazz festival. The tentative list of performers includes Bona, Yuva Cohen, The Nile Project, Rhythm Junks, as well as local ta...
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Kenya’s Songs of Protest

Retracing Kenya’s songs of protest. A preview of music as a force for change in Kenya from 1963-2013. Ketebul Music releases its new compilation in the Retracing Kenya Music series.
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Piero delle Monache Quartet

The Italian jazz quartet plays at the Italian Institute of Culture. The quartet is on a tour of seven African cities (Libreville, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Maputo, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Harare) to i...
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Mathewmatics House of Jazz

This concert, entitled Mathewmatics House of Jazz, is performed by independent Kenyan musicians and offers them a platform and opportunities for the promotion of independent music in Kenya. Various mu...
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An Evening of Afro-Jazz

26 feb. This afro-jazz concert is performed live by Ricky Na Marafiki, who will perform songs from his debut album, entitled Tucheze, as well as some newer compositions. 18.00.
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Musical Seventeen by Kenya Conservatoire

14-16 Dec. This musical, entitled Seventeen, is performed by the Kenya Conservatoire of music, led by the famous Kenyan composer and performer Nancy Day. Among the contributors to this project are...
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Mario Biondi on Concert

4 Dec. This charity jazz event, entitled Live in Concert, is performed by the internationally acclaimed Italian singer and composer Mario Biondi. Biondi will be accompanied by Claudio Filippini at...
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Camila Jotaba in Concert

25 October 2012. This concert features the five member band De Bolso, led by the voice of Camila Jotaba, who will perform some popular Brazilian compositions. The band’s original work focuses...
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Concert by the Giovanni Falzone Quintet

23 October 2012. This concert, entitled Around Ornette, organized by the Italian Institute of Nairobi, is performed by the famous Italian jazz group Giovanni Falzone Quintet. This project, dedicate...
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Concert by Fujo Makelele

22 June 2012. On occasion of a new album launch, entitled Hip Hop Revolution, Goethe Institut hosts a live concert by Fujo Makelele, one of the founding members of Mombasa’s first Hip Hop group...
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Concert by Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik

3 June 2012. This concert, entitled Two who Replace a Band!, will be performed by the Austrian singer, composer and jazz trumpet player Michaela Rabitsch and by her partner the composer and guitarist...
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Concert by Artur Dutkiewicz

5 June 2012. The Polish Embassy presents this concert by Artur Dutkiewicz, one of the leading Polish jazz pianists and composers. Dutkiewicz will perform his own, contemporary jazz mazurkas, taken...
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The Someday Tour Feat

5-8 April 2012. This concert, entitled The Someday Tour Feat, is performed by Christ Adwar, a Kenyan musician, singer and songwriter, and by Atemi Oyungu, an Afro soul singer.  These two musical...
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One Beat Musical Competition

16 January-24 February 2012. The Public Affair Office of the US Embassy of Nairobi launches an open competition, called One Beat, which will bring together musicians from various countries around the...
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Muziki wa Kenya: Michel Ongaro

28 January 2012. This concert, features on of Kenya's most famous singers and songwriters Michel Ongaro. Ever since he was a child Ongaro developed a strong interest for music. Throughout his music...
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Concert by Moipei Quartet at National Museum

17 December 2011. The Moipei Quartet performs its wide repertoire of Classical, Pop and African music and also displays their mastery of various musical instruments. The Moipei Quartet is composed...
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Concert by The Marafiki Band

14 December 2011. The Michael Joseph Center hosts this concert by The Marafiki band led by Ricky Nanjero, one of the leading bass guitarists in Kenya and East Africa. This programme includes live...


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