Riverside area

Riverside is Lavington’s slightly more upmarket cousin, which real estate agents term “exclusive living”.

Rambling 1960s or 1970s houses with large gardens lie along steep slopes dipping down to the Nairobi River, and most roads here are gated, with security staff checking all visitors. The area is popular with diplomats and senior expatriate business people, although Kenya’s rich own a good proportion of the houses.

There are some apartment blocks strung along Riverside Drive. This is where the apartment building boom started and many of these blocks, while large and well-serviced, are beginning to look a little dated compared to the newer ones in Kilimani and Hurlingham. Riverside has no supermarkets and only a few locally-run dukas selling essentials, but Westlands, with at least two large shopping centres, restaurants, bars and cinemas, is less than 3 km to the north.

The newly renovated Nairobi National Museum, containing a good selection of cultural and natural history exhibits, is close by. There are no buses or matatus running through Riverside. A taxi to Westlands should cost less than KSh300, and to town no more than KSh500.

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Address Nairobi, Kenya

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Riverside area

Nairobi, Kenya