This area roughly 15 km to the southeast of the city centre includes Nyayo estate and Avenue Park.

The former, dating from the late 1990s, is popular with professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a peaceful and very secure environment; it consists of numerous identical four-storey apartment blocks in gated roads and two-storey townhouses behind high concrete walls.

The population is mostly African but there are a few Indians/Asians and expatriates as well. The roads are perfectly surfaced and bordered by neat flowerbeds and grass verges. Shopping is at dukas outside the main gates or at the Nakumatt supermarket at the top of Airport North Road near the junction with Mombasa Road.
The estate offers nursery facilities but there are no schools or leisure activities and residents have to go into town for their education and entertainment.

Avenue Park, to the west, is older and shabbier but slightly more expensive than Nyayo, as it is closer to the city centre. Housing is a mix of two-storey townhouses and bungalows. Facilities include a small shopping centre with a butcher, beauty salon, chemist and laundry; Bidii Market on the busy Outering Road directly opposite the main gates has fresh food. There is also a gym nearby.

Both estates are served by matatus; a taxi to the city centre costs in the region of Ksh500. Jomo Kenyatta international airport is close by.

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Address Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya

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Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya