Nairobi News

Nairobi police charged with ivory possession

Four police officers caught trying to sell ivory in Nairobi. Four Kenyan police officers were charged with illegal possession of ivory at a Nairobi court on 1 March. The four policemen, who belong...
Cape Town News

Cape Town protects its penguins

Cape Town penguins shielded from dogs and general public. Recent measures to protect African penguins at key areas in Cape Town are yielding satisfactory results, according to the city's environmen...
Arusha News

Tanzania jails Chinese poachers for 20 years

Tanzanian president gets tough with poachers. Tanzania sentenced four Chinese men to 20 years in jail each, on 18 December, after they were convicted of smuggling rhino horns. In addition the four...
Cape Town News

African Penguins at risk of extinction

Cape Town's penguin population plummets in last decade The population of African Penguins has dropped by 90 per cent since 2004, with only 100,000 of the birds left in South Africa and neighbourin...
Arusha News

Serengeti voted world's best safari

Six Tanzanian destinations in top 50 African safaris Tanzania's Serengeti National Park has been voted the world's best safari destination in an online survey conducted by Safari Bookings, a leadi...
Maputo News

Rhino horns go missing in Maputo

Maputo police have confirmed that 12 rhino horns have gone missing from the haul made on 12 May when 65 rhino horns and 340 elephant tusks were seized. Six Mozambicans have been arrested. The haul...
Maputo News

Slaughter of Mozambique elephants

Elephant population halved in five years There are only about 10,300 elephants left in Mozambique compared with 22,000 just five years ago according to a Mozambique government-backed survey made in...
Arusha News

Increased giraffe poaching in Arusha region

Giraffe killing highlighted in the Manyara lake district Poachers are turning their attention to giraffes in the Manyara lake region, south-west of Arusha, according to reports in local media....
Arusha News

Tanzania calls for worldwide ban on ivory, rhino trade

Tanzania has only 123 rhinos from 65,000 in 1970 An international ban on trading in ivory products is the only way to end the war on poaching, according to Tanzania's minister for natural resource...
Nairobi News

Interpol forms environmental crime team in Nairobi

Specialists will help tackle wildlife crime in Africa Interpol has formed a specialist team in Nairobi to tackle east Africa's wildlife poachers. The Nairobi team will become the African branch...
Cape Town News

Cape Town tests shark-repellent system

Cable emits frequency known to repel sharks An experimental electronic system to repel sharks from Cape Town waters will be tested in October to try and prevent future shark attacks. The 100-m...
Arusha News

Tanzania to use Lake Victoria waters for Serengeti wildlife

Lake to help animals survive during increasing droughts The Tanzanian government is to use Lake Victoria as an alternative water source for the wild animals of Serengeti National Park, to help the...
Arusha News

Hippo under threat in Lake Manyara

Rice farming theatens hippo population at Lake Manyara Rice farming is reducing the water levels significantly at Lake Manyara, threatening the existence of the hippos living in the surrounding na...
Addis Ababa News

Urban hyenas pose threat in Addis Ababa

Wild animals attack homeless people Urban hyenas are becoming a growing problem in Addis Ababa, where they attack homeless people at night. The city estimates its hyena population at between 30...
Nairobi News

GPS collars fitted to Nairobi lions

Technology helps reduce human-lion conflict Kenyan wildlife authorities have attached special tracking collars to lions that have been known to attack livestock. The 10 offending animals were fitt...


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