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Last Northern white rhinos retired from breeding project

32-year-old Rhino Najin leaves her daughter Fatu as the sole egg donor in the embryo implantation scheme. The last two white rhinos are being retired from a breeding programme aimed at saving this sp...
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Green Turtle babies hatch along Kenya’s Southern coastline

The Kenyan coastline is the perfect nesting site for a wide variety of turtles - particularly the green turtles which are regarded as endangered and listed on the International Union for Conservation...
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Over 300 wildebeests die crossing the mara river

Every year, over 1.2 million wildebeests make a spirited migration to grazing lands around the Serengeti and Maasai Mara. In a visual play of survival of the fittest, we get to see mother nature dis...
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10 most Endangered animals in Africa

With a rise in the human population and increased demand for basic resources such as food, land, and water, the wildlife animal population is being endangered. Add the stubborn poaching dilemma and...
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Facts about the Great Wildebeest Migration

The annual Wildebeest migration was named one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World”. No other place on earth can you witness such a spectacular assembly of animals going about their cyclic phase of...
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Rare Kenyan white giraffes killed by poachers

The white giraffes were among the rarest animal species to roam the modern-day African plains. Unfortunately, they are no more after their celebrity lives were ended abruptly by the hands of poacher...
Nairobi News

Kenya bans donkey slaughterhouses to curb theft

  The Kenyan government announced an unprecedented ban of donkeys in a new directive aimed at curbing theft of the animals. The ban on the slaughter of donkeys has been effected as a stop-gap meas...
Nairobi News

Nairobi keeps track of its lions

Nairobi's lions fitted with tracking devices. Lions in Nairobi National Park are to be fitted with tracking collars to help Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers monitor the animals' movements. T...
Nairobi News

Nairobi police charged with ivory possession

Four police officers caught trying to sell ivory in Nairobi. Four Kenyan police officers were charged with illegal possession of ivory at a Nairobi court on 1 March. The four policemen, who belong...
Nairobi News

Interpol forms environmental crime team in Nairobi

Specialists will help tackle wildlife crime in Africa Interpol has formed a specialist team in Nairobi to tackle east Africa's wildlife poachers. The Nairobi team will become the African branch...
Nairobi News

GPS collars fitted to Nairobi lions

Technology helps reduce human-lion conflict Kenyan wildlife authorities have attached special tracking collars to lions that have been known to attack livestock. The 10 offending animals were fitt...
Nairobi News

Investigation into rhino killing in Nairobi

Poachers face tough new laws in Kenya An investigation is under way after poachers killed a female rhinocerous and hacked off its horn in a brazen attack in Nairobi national park. The killing wa...
Nairobi News

Nairobi’s Mater Hospital celebrates 50 years

The Mater Hospital in Nairobi celebrated its 50th anniversary on 22 September with a celebration attended by Kenya's vice president Moody Awori, the Irish consul Joe O'Brien, Bishop Domic Kimengich fr...
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Major ivory seizure in Nairobi

An investigation has been launched after customs officials seized a 600-kg cargo of ivory at Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on 22 June. Airport authorities were assisted by the Kenya...
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Six lions killed in Nairobi

Six wild lions were killed in Nairobi on 18 June after they strayed into a residential area of the capital and were hunted down by locals. The animals, which came from Nairobi National Park, had kille...
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Lions sighted in Nairobi outskirts

There have been increased sightings of wild lions in the affluent Nairobi suburb of Langata, which borders the 12,000-hectare Nairobi National Park nature reserve. After recent unsuccessful attempt...
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Annual wildebeest migration underway.

The annual migration season is underway in the Masai Mara with the arrival of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra from the Serengeti national park south of the border with Tanzania in search...
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Pride of Kenya campaign.

Nairobians can soon expect to share their streets with brightly coloured life-size statues of lions as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the risk of extinction faced by the country
Nairobi News

Poaching in Kenya.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) recovered more then 1,200 illegal hunting trophies including skins, ivory, rhino horns and live animals and arrested 2,134 people in 2007 in connection with wildlife-rela...
Nairobi News

In transit safaris.

Transit passengers at Nairobis Jomo Kenyatta international airport (JKIA) can now visit the nearby Nairobi National Park while waiting for their flight connection thanks to a new service provided by K...


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