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Congo declares an end to the latest ebola outbreak

On Wednesday the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) declared an end to the 11th Ebola outbreak, six months after the sighting of the first case. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General at...
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Polio disease eradicated in Africa

  The Africa Regional Certification Commission has declared Africa free of Wild Polio. The feat is attributed to the strong cooperation between national governments and global donors in effort to a...
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Nairobi to phase out pit latrines

World Bank funds introduction of conventional toilets in Nairobi slums. The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company is undertaking a Sh1 billion project to phase out pit latrines in the city's slum...
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Nairobi tackles cholera outbreak

Spread of virus aggravated by flooding Health officials in Nairobi have introduced emergency measures to deal with the latest cholera outbreak which has resulted in 50 deaths since the first cases...
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Counterfeit medicine circulating in Kenya

Kenya's government is acting to remove thousands of counterfeit antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) from circulation across the country. The existence of the fake medicine first came to light in September whe...
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Nairobi host HIV/AIDS research conferences

The incidence of HIV/AIDS in Kenya dropped from 7.1 per cent of the population in 2007 to 6.3 per cent in 2009 according to figures released at an international conference on HIV/AIDS in Nairobi in mi...
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Fighting fake pharmaceuticals in Kenya

Kenya has become the most recent African country to start a pilot scheme for mobile phone verification of pharmaceuticals. Its use is simple and provides an immediate response for the user. A scra...
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Affordable malaria medicine in pharmacies

Elizabeth Juma, head of the malaria control division in Kenya's ministry of health, has confirmed that highly effective malaria drugs are now available to Kenyans from their local pharmacies at a grea...
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Kenya steps up fight on HIV/AIDS

Kenya has unveiled a new strategy to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS that will specifically target the most at risk populations in the country, including male and female sex workers and intravenous drug...
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World day of remembrance for road traffic victims.

The Kenya chapter of the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) is organising a series of events in Nairobi on 16 November as part of global activities to mark the world day of remembr...
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Health in Kenya: Nairobi hospital to examine leftover drugs.

People with left-over prescription medicines can have them analysed free of charge at Nairobi hospital to establish whether they can be re-used. The service aims to prevent waste and save costs for pa...
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Smoking ban introduced in Nairobi.

Smoking has been banned in public places in Nairobi under a by-law that is already in force in the cities of Nakuru and Mombasa. Under the restrictions Kenyans caught smoking in schools, public office...
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Rift Valley Fever death toll rises.

148 people have died as a result of the Rift Valley Fever epidemic that is affecting five out of the country
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Polio immunisation campaign announced.

The heath authorities have said that they are to conduct nationwide immunisation against polio in the first and last weeks of February providing that the necessary funding can be raised. The Sh452 mil...
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On-line game for HIV prevention in Swahili.

Young Swahili speakers with internet access can now make use of an on-line game teaching them about HIV and AIDS. The interactive feature, called Ungefanyaje or What would you do? in Swahili, takes pl...
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Goethe-Institut calendar by Kenyan artists.

Goethe-Institut in Nairobi is organising a competition for Kenyan artisits for its 2007 calendar on the theme health and human rights. The competition is part of an effort to promote health and relate...
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Free anti-AIDS drugs.

Kenyans suffering from HIV/AIDS now have free access to life-prolonging anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) after the government had lifted the Ksh100 fee per dose at public hospitals and clinics. The move i...
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Smoking restrictions suspended.

New smoking restrictions in Kenya have been suspended just three days after coming into force. The high court issued an injunction against the measures on 31 May following an appeal by tobacco compani...
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Smoking restrictions announced.

The government has announced a major clamp-down on smoking in public places in an effort to curb the use and abuse of tobacco, the state-run paper The Nation reports. Cigarette manufacturers are also...
Nairobi News

Health tips by phone.

Kenyans can now get information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and the effects of drinking, drugs and smoking by dialling a special number on their mobile phones. Callers dial one of a...


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