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Accra News

Identification cards for Ghana border areas

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has suggested that residents along the country's borders should be given identification cards to make the immigration process more efficient. In particular, the GIS...
Dar Es Salaam News

Government to clamp down on illegal foreign workers.

The government has announced a crackdown on foreigners working in Tanzania illegally. The initiative is part of renewed efforts to shore up job opportunities in the country amid concerns that immigran...
Cape Town News

Dead rise to 62 in South Africa violence.

The death toll in the anti-immigrant violence that rocked South Africa in May has risen to at least 62 according to police sources. Earlier the figure had been given as 56. The victims were mainly fr...
Cape Town News

Anti-immigrant violence in Cape Town.

Over 10,000 immigrants in the Cape Town area have been displaced from their homes by anti-immigrant violence, which erupted in the city on 22 May. Most of the victims are now sheltering in special
Lagos News

Nigeria unoins condemn South Africa violence.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has condemned the current xenophobic attacks and murders in South Africa and urged the government of president Thabo Mbeki to
Maputo News

Mozambicans flee xenophobia in South Africa.

Roughly 1,000 Mozambican nationals arrived at the central railway station in Maputo on 25 May to escape the xenophobic violence that has rocked South Africa in recent weeks. On arrival in the capital...
Cape Town News

Anti-immigrant violence spreads to Cape Town.

The wave of anti-immigrant violence that is sweeping across South Africa reached Cape Town on 22 May. Mobs attacked Somalis and Zimbabweans and looted their shops and homes in DuNoon township north of...
Cape Town News

Mbeki condemns anti-immigrant violence.

South African president Thabo Mbeki has condemned as
Accra News

New US visa fees.

The application fees for immigrant and non-immigrant visas to the United States are to increase with effect from 1 January 2008. Immigrant visas will cost $355 instead of the present $335, while non-i...
Cape Town News

Refugee crisis in Cape Town.

The death on 2 November of a Zimbabwean asylum seeker outside the home affairs offices at the Foreshore has rekindled debate about the treatment of refugees in the Mother City. The deceased, Adonis Mu...
Cape Town News

Somalis in Cape Town attacked.

Yet another Somali citizen has been murdered in the latest in a series of attacks apparently targeting the refugee community in Cape Town. South African Broadcasting Corporation reports that on 7 Se...
Cape Town News

Cape Town to uphold refugees rights.

The city of Cape Town has made a formal pledge to uphold the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in the metropolis and help them integrate into society. Many of the people who are seeking asylum hav...
Maputo News

Zimbabwean children at risk.

There is growing concern about the number of Zimbabwean children crossing the border illegally into Mozambique to escape deteriorating conditions at home. The alarm has been raised by the Mozambique o...


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