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Dar Es Salaam News

Current Female Heads of Government in Africa

The representation of female voices in government is vital for national unity and equality. In March, a highly anticipated event came to fruition under unfortunate circumstances: Samia Suluhu Hassan...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan trade blame as talks fail

  The Kinshasa two-day talks between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt over the Nile dam have faltered after the Ethiopian delegation blamed their counterparts for obstruction.  A solution to the Grand R...
Addis Ababa News

GERD Dam talks: Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt talks mired in uncertainty

Sudan expressed frustrations as negotiations stalled, while Egypt and Ethiopia blame Sudanese objections for the recent impasse.  Another round of talks aiming to break the stalemate over the GERD...
Accra News

President Nana Akufo-Addo sworn-in for a second term in Ghana

The swearing-in ceremony for Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo took place yesterday in the capital Accra.  The ceremony comes a day after a brawl erupted in Ghana’s parliament during the speaker ele...
Addis Ababa News

Sudan sends more troops to Ethiopia border after deadly clashes

  Tensions at the Sudan-Ethiopia border forcing Khartoum to deploy significant military reinforcements along its eastern border, a few days after an ambush linked to Ethiopian forces.  Khartoum...
Addis Ababa News

EU holds onto Ethiopia budget support over Tigray conflict

The Europen Union has withheld millions of Euros in budgetary support to Ethiopia over the Tigray conflict. Humanitarian workers are voicing concern over the living conditions facing survivors of the...
Marrakesh News

The US formally supports Morrocco‘s claim to Western Sahara

Official recognition of Morrocco’s claim to Western Sahara is likely linked to Rabat’s normalization of relations with Israel by the United States but is unlikely to affect the current US and EU posit...
Maputo News

Portugal to help train Mozambique security forces against militants

Portugal has offered to train the Mozambique security forces to tackle a wave of Islamist militant attacks to the country’s North. A recent surge in violence was witnessed in the country’s Cabo Delgad...
Accra News

Ghanian President Nana Akufo-Addo wins a second term

  The 76-year-old veteran politician was confirmed for a second term as President-elect. He faces an uphill task of fulfilling old pledges and rebooting an economy grappling with the effects of C...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia PM ends offensive after the capture of Tigray’s capital Mekelle

Despite the TPLF vowing to continue fighting, Abiy Ahmed announced an end to military operations in the Tigray region after the army declared “full control” over the city. Ethiopia’s government has...
Addis Ababa News

Tigray rejects the 72-hour surrender ultimatum

  Gebretsion Micheal the leader of Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) rejected the 72-hour Monday ultimatum by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in regards to the dissident region of Tigray....
Addis Ababa News

Clock ticking for Tigray as Ethiopia PM gives a 72-hour ultimatum

  In an unprecedented move, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has issued a scathing attack on the ‘rebellious’ Tigray region while the latter promises to keep on the fight. Ethiopia’s PM has s...
Marrakesh News

Tension rises between Morocco and Mauritania

One of the oldest conflicts in Africa on the verge of a new war? The situation in the desert border area between Morocco and Mauritania has become very tense after the Popular Front for the Liberatio...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia Tigray conflict

For over a week, Ethiopian government forces have declared war against the regional government of Tigray in the country’s North. Thus far unconfirmed reports indicate the loss of hundreds of lives. ...
Addis Ababa News

Ethiopia accuses Trump of stoking the fires of war over the dam issue

Ethiopia demanded a clarification from U.S President Donald J. Trump over comments he made regarding blowing up the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a project whose construction is mired in deep contr...


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