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Five Moroccan soups great during winter

  Moroccan soups complement meals adding a tasty touch to meals rich in nutrients. In North Africa, Morocco stands out as a central hub of spices and aromatic foods. Morocco is a beautiful count...
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The US formally supports Morrocco‘s claim to Western Sahara

Official recognition of Morrocco’s claim to Western Sahara is likely linked to Rabat’s normalization of relations with Israel by the United States but is unlikely to affect the current US and EU posit...
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Tension rises between Morocco and Mauritania

One of the oldest conflicts in Africa on the verge of a new war? The situation in the desert border area between Morocco and Mauritania has become very tense after the Popular Front for the Liberatio...
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Hilton to expand Moroccan footprint with a new hotel

  Times are rough for the Moroccan tourism industry due to the adverse effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Despite the aura of doom and gloom, Hilton plans to open a new hotel that showcases it as...
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Africa’s tourism outlook and top destinations before the pandemic

Africa tourism statistics from the World Tourism Organization show African countries recording the highest growth rate average compared to other continents. 2019 saw 1.3 billion people travel to an...
Marrakesh News

Tight restrictions in major Moroccan cities mark the new normal

Moroccan authorities recently imposed tight controls on movement in and out of Marrakesh and Casablanca, two of the country’s major cities as part of the drastic measures aimed at curbing the spread o...
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Africa’s thriving reading culture pre-European colonialism

The five libraries of Mauritania preserve a medieval archive of civic documents and quranic lore Chinguetti,  a medieval trading center in northern Mauritania, is located on the Bleak Adar plateau an...
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How to catch the train to Morrocco

Intercity train travel in a foreign country can be challenging. Contemplating a Moroccan train ride in the land of ‘couscous’ seems quite daunting for a first-timer.  The aura of Morrocco, the divers...
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Where to surf on the Moroccan Atlantic coastline

  As a prime time tour destination for European holiday-goers, surfing is one of the coolest and fun activities in Morrocco. With a car, you can surf anywhere along this country boasting 1,835-ki...
Marrakesh News

Top 5 must see attractions in Marrakech

When traveling to Marrakech, adjust your expectations to fit the Marrakesh experience. No place on earth resembles the lifestyle and exuberance of the Morrocan city. As the ‘Pearl of the South,’ the...
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The Gorges du Dadès experience

The Dadès Valley, popularly known as Gorges du Dadès is located in Southern Morocco. The attraction lies between Ouarzazate and Errachidia. The place offers a beautiful sight of the landscape, akin...
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Is Morocco an oasis of peace and stability in the restless region?

The Europeans associate the Kingdom of Morocco with high-end tourism on one hand and migrations from Africa to the European continent on the other hand.   Among the African states Morocco is neares...
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Top 10 Moroccan Beaches

The African coastal country of Morocco is filled with beach paradises. In the busy season, the beaches become crowded with locals, looking to get away from their daily lives and tourists, hoping to...
Marrakesh News

The Atlas Mountains: Morocco’s Exposed Jewel

The unique mix of everything on the Moroccan Atlas Mountains is but a taste. The isolated mountain range is one of the major highlights in a country that attracted 13 million tourists in 2019 alone....
Marrakesh News

Is Africa Ready for Coronavirus?

Africa seems to be dodging the worst of the coronavirus for the time being. In the last two months, coronavirus has dominated the lives and attention of people all round the world. However, while Eur...
Marrakesh News

Morocco Faces the Coronavirus

On Tuesday, the Moroccan Government announced their current COVID-19 stats. Approximately 1,120 people have been confirmed to have contracted the disease. 80 lives have been lost. The number of confi...
Marrakesh News

Morocco henna art: The red dye style

Many visitors describe it as a temporary tattoo that fades away that easily sheds off when rubbed with olive oil, leaving you with memories of that sun-kissed holiday.  Morocco is a must-visit place...


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