Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter

The Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter is the Marrakech district centered around creativity and innovation.

Commonly compared to the SOHO district in 1970’s New York, this Moroccan neighborhood is home to many of Marrakesh newest designers. The designer’s studios and showrooms lay quite a distance from Marrakech’s city center in Medina, and traveling from the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter to other parts of the city requires a rental car or taxi.

Although the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarters offers a different and more high-end experience than the common city market, many goods come from the neighborhood. In this district, many stores focus on selling one type of product. From furniture to décor, from ceramics to lighting, from fragrances to cosmetics to clothes, the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarters has it all.

There are a couple of notable furniture and home décor stores in the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter. One store specializing in these goods is the Henry Cath store. Founded in 1997, the Henry Cath furniture lines is dedicated to producing tailor-made products that keep up with the current art-deco trends. Through workshops in Marrakech Henry Cath mirrors, frames, lighting and furniture are designed and created by experienced craftsman. The Henry Cath brand prides itself with a thoroughness that inspires creativity and attention to detail. All of the Henry Cath products are impeccably finished and must meet professional requirements. 

Another mesmerizing furniture store in the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter is Magasin General. This store is most commonly described as a cabinet or curiosities with an atmosphere of colonial accents. The store is mesmerizing with odd little knickknacks and home décor, but it also holds all the necessary items to furnish a house and fulfill travel dreams. Similar to Magasin General is the Atelier Landon, a shop focusing on furniture and funky light fixtures. 

Decorative stores, in the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter, don’t just stop at home décor and lighting. There are also stores dedicated to ceramics, like the Akkal Ceramics shop. Founded by a Belgian designer, the Akkal Ceramics shop is a showroom for the designer, Charlotte, and for Marrakech’s local artists. Once stepping inside of the gallery filled with ceramics, garments and fabrics, it will be hard to leave. The layout of the shop keeps customers hooked, with something new at every corner, whether it be intricately crafted designer products or dazzling colours. 

Fragrances are another big part of the culture in Marrakech, and most markets sell the sweet-smelling goods. However, the Keros Fragrances shop in the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter offers a different type of experience. Here, customers can pursue high end scents away from the hustle and bustle of Medina’s markets. Cosmetics are another popular high-end good in this Marrakech district. 

Natus Cosmetics is a popular cosmetic shop in the quarter. This brand promotes the belief that everyone should be able to express their inner beauty. This belief is what makes Natus Cosmetics more than a brand, instead it is a tool to help users take care of their skin, their body and their beauty. Through technology, scientific advancement and natural ingredients, Natus Cosmetics propels natural growth and energy. 

For most people abroad, shopping for clothing is essential and one of the most efficient ways to connect with an unfamiliar culture, other than eating local food of course. In the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter one of the best places to shop for designer clothes is the Topolina clothing store. Topolina offers garments made of brightly colored prints for both men and women, as well as an assortment of accessories.

In this district of Marrakech, there may not be a lot to see in terms of Moroccan culture and history. However, it offers a more luxurious experience, much like Hivernage. There aren’t many cultural spots located in the Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter. However, the culture of Marrakech can be experienced through luxurious products and goods, as well as in beautifully decorated stores that are like a work of art within themselves. 

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Address Sidi Ghanem Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco

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Sidi Ghanem Industrial Quarter

Sidi Ghanem Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco