Situated in the foothills of the High Atlas mountain range, in between the Mediterranean Sea and the African interior, is the city of Marrakesh.

Influenced by a rich history of Almoravids, Saadian sultans and French rule, the city is a melting pot of North African, Berber, Arab and French cultures. These cultures are exemplified through the grandiose architecture and the city’s population. People from all backgrounds inhabit Marrakesh, as expatriates flock to the city for retirement, who sequentially integrate themselves with the local population of Berbers and Arabs. With a population of less than one million, the once grand capital of Almohad Empire is now a small, lively city, due impart to brilliant culinary scene, exciting street life, lush gardens and moderate risk to becoming a victim of crime.

Marrakesh offers a variety of bus lines through the city. However, there aren’t reliable times or set schedules. Some buses come every 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the line. A more dependable and convenient way of traveling around the city would be to use the ALSA’s Tourist bus system. When using public transportation, be aware of all belongs because pickpockets are the biggest threat on buses. The streets of Marrakesh are crowded with people, donkeys and scooters. So, the best way to travel through the city would be on a scooter or on foot.