Hivernage neighborhood

Far from the reaches of Marrakesh’s city center in Medina is the quiet neighborhood of Hivernage.

This wealthy neighborhood offers a different feel from the rest of the city with luxurious hotels and high-end restaurants.

Hivernage is also considered the best district in Marrakesh to enjoy a lively nightlife scene. However, this neighborhood isn’t the best place to experience the culture and history of the city. To experience the rich culture of Marrakesh from Hivernage, expect the need to either rent a car or call a taxi to get into the depths of the city and to see the top attractions.

Places to stay

Despite there being limited things to see in the Hivernage neighborhood, there are many grand hotels to stay at, like the Movenpick Hotel.

This 5-star hotel is located on Muhammed VI avenue, just four kilometers away from the international airport. Prices range from $140 to $160 a night, depending on which booking site a reservation is made through. Although the prices are pretty steep, the Movenpick Hotel offers a variety of activities to guests and children. The hotel is family friendly.

Alongside over 500 bedrooms and suites, the Movenpick Hotel has three restaurants and a bar.

The hotel not only caters to the guests’ dietary needs, but it also caters to the wellbeing of all guests with the O de Rose spa and a yoga studio. There are also peaceful gardens, three swimming pools and a kids’ club.

The Movenpick Hotel was inspired Ahmed Al Mansour Eddahbi, a sultan of the Saadian dynasty, who aimed to take Marrakesh to a new cultural height. This is exemplified in the hotels luxurious decorations

The Casino

Also located in the Hivernage neighborhood is the world-renowned Casino de Marrakesh.

Built in 1952 and fully renovated in 2003, the Casino de Marrakesh is filled with vintage decorations and dazzling games eliminated under the soft lights that bring the casino to life. However, the Casino de Marrakesh is wildly known as an international poker hotspot and has hosted a variety of professional poker games throughout the years.

Every year the casino hosts the World Poker Tour national (WPTN), the World Series of Poker Circuit, the Winamax Sismix and the Marrakesh Poker Open.

Night life in Hivernage

Among other night life activities, nightclubs are particularly popular in the Hivernage neighborhood.

The Comptoir Darna is particularly popular club in the district that promises to gift all club goers an unforgettable experience. Established in 1999, the Comptoir Darna is the perfect combination of restaurant and club. Here, every night is a party. In the restaurant, customers can order from a variety of rich courses and cuisine.

Then, they can prolong their party in the club with a signature Comptoir Darna cocktail. Connected to the club is a patio, the perfect place to smoke or drink tea, in the crisp night air.

Similar to the Comptoir Darna is the Barometre Cocktail Bar, founded by the Hadni brothers. The exterior of the bar is marked with a large “B” made out of scrap metal.

On the inside, customers can experience a grand restaurant within a clandestine distillery bar, which was built during the prohibition. Paired with the restaurant is a creative menu focused on Mediterranean cuisine. The cocktail bar also focuses on creative drinks, being that the Barometre Cocktail Bar is the first bar in Morocco dedicated to mixology.

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Hivernage neighborhood

Hivernage, Marrakesh, Morocco