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Out Film Festival. Speak Out

The Goethe Institut is hosting the fifth annual film festival of LGBT-themed films from Africa and worldwide. The festival includes films and discussions to encourage the underground gay communitie...
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Slum film festival Nairobi

The fifth edition of the Slumfilmfestival in Nairobi will be showing some 30 films, about slums or made in the slums around the world. A third of the films are made by Kenyan film makers, with othe...
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European film festival Nairobi

The 24th edition of the European film festival is showing films from 15 countries. On weekdays there are two showings at 17.30 and 19.30 and at weekends there is an extra screening at 15.00. All...
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Nairobi festival of performing arts

Connections is the theme of this interdisciplinary festival of dance, music, poetry, installation, video and photography. There are four performances and two video montages as well as audience disc...
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Human Rights Watch film festival

This travelling human right's film festival, with highlights from the festivals in New York and London, is now playing at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi. The films included are Private Violence...
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Korean film festival in Nairobi

To celebrate 50 years of friendship with Kenya, South Korea is screening some of its most successful recent films at the Alliance Française in Nairobi. Several of the films include the touch...
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Nairobi Slum Film Festival

The fourth Nairobi Slum Film Festival continues until 11 October with showings of films about and by people living in Nairobi's main slum communities of Kibera, Mathare and Kawangware. The communit...
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Beautiful Tree, Severed Roots

This documentary Beautiful Tree, Severed Roots by Kenny Mann is showing at the Storymoja festival in Nairobi. It has been described by Nobel Prize winner Derek Walcott as “a documentary full of...
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European Film Festival

This 23rd edition features 20 films from 15 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Swit...
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Tusker Air Show Festival

The 2013 Kenya Air Show Festival will be an impressive showcase of achievement by our aviators and aviation industry over the last fifty years.Soaking up the festival atmosphere, the Air Show promises...
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Slum Film Festival 2013

This community-based annual film festival returns to Kibera and Mathare, Nairobi’s biggest slums, for its third edition. The programme includes a rich calendar of outdoor screenings of slum sto...
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Screening of Berlin Calling

The screening of the movie Berlin Calling by Hannes Stöhr marks the inauguration of Ten Cities, a series of screenings of feature films and documentaries by musicians and writers. It focuses on v...
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Screening of Blood of Women

27 Feb. The association Sentinelles in collaboration with the French and Swiss Embassies in Kenya, screens Blood of Women by Christian Lajoumard. The focus in the film is on female genital mutilati...
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Kwani LitFest 2012

9-16 Dec. This edition of the traditional biennial Kwani Literary Festival, organized by Kwani Trust, will focus on several geopolitical trends and shifts in Kenya’s immediate north to host lite...
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Samosa Festival 2012

22-29 September 2012. The Samosa Festival consists of a biennial cultural platform for the promotion of Kenyan music, art, poetry and drama as well as ethnic and racial unity. On stage are various...
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Ngoma Jazz Festival

28-30 September 2012. The second edition of the Ngoma Jazz Festival focuses on instrumental artist in Kenya and East Africa. Several local Jazz musicians and bands from different generations, such...
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Wamathai Spoken Word July

14 July 2012. This event, entitled Wamathai Spoken Word July, features a series of poetry, music and photography performances. The poetry events will be performed among the others by El Poet, Jemed...
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Tribute to Italian Cinema

27 June-25 July 2012. The Italian Institut of Culture pays homage to Italian Cinema with the screening of a series of famous Italian movies from the past decade. On 27 June it screens Terraferma by...
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Homage to Wanjiru Kinyanjui

8-9, 21 June 2012. Goethe Institut pays homage to Wanjiru Kinyanjui, one of Kenya’s veteran film directors. Kinyanjui studied at the Technical University of Berlin and was awarded for he...
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21st European Film Festival Nairobi

11-27 May 2012. This European Film Festival is the longest running film festival in Nairobi. On its 21st edition it foresees the screening of 18 movies, including some award winning films, from 16 Eur...


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