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Kanga Stories Exhibition

This exhibition, entitled Kanga Stories, The Cloth that Reveals, focuses on the Kanga cloth, a colourful printed cotton fabric, worn mainly by women in central and eastern Africa. Kanga and which in o...
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Uirapuru by Iván Navarro & Courtney Smith

This exhibition, entitled Uirapuru, features a series of short videos by the Brooklyn based sculptors Iván Navarro and Courtney Smith. On screen are five short videos, which refer to the traje...
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Italian Creativity in Kenya

This exhibition pays homage to art, décor, bags, sandals and unique handmade jewellery from Italy. On display are leather accessories by African Lily, a small, luxury leather enterprise, run b...
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Women’s Planet

25 Mar-15 Apr. The second edition of this photographic contest, entitled Women’s Planet, is launched by Alliance Française Nairobi and honours women worldwide. On display are a selecti...
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Find the Art Trench

2-15 Mar. Find the Art Trench features a series of works by the Ugandan artist Hassan Mukiibi. Mukiibi is specialized in printmaking, painting and tie and dye. His art is conceived as a cure for...
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Peace Through Service Exhibition

21-28 Feb. This fundraising exhibition, entitled Peace Through Service, is organised in collaboration with the Kenya Rotary Club and supports various charities in Kenya. On display are works by 30...
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Breath of Consciousness II

5-24 Feb. This exhibition, entitled Breath of Consciousness II, displays a series of powerful and striking paintings and engravings on women by the Eritrean born, Nairobi-based artist Ermias Ekube. Hi...
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One Third Photo Exhibition

4-16 Feb. This photographic exhibition, entitled One Third, focuses on food waste and was commissioned to Klaus Pichler by the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organsation (FAO). A UN st...
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Viongozi by Brian Omolo

31 Jan-14 Feb. This series of portraits by Brian Omolo are inspired by the 2013 presidential aspirants. In this series Omolo re-imagined the faces and personalities presidential candidates in a new...
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In Art We Can by Armando Tanzini

31 Jan-14 Feb. This exhibition features a series of paintings by the Italian artist Armando Tanzini. Born in Livorno in 1943, he started his artistic career at a very young age and was a student an...
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Mogadishu Then and Now

15 Dec-14 Jan. This exhibition pays homage to Somalia’s capital, Africa’s most wounded city. Mogadishu is immortalized in all its splendour before the destruction of the civil war in 1991....
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Matatu Project in Movement

7 Dec-15 Jan. The Matatu Project in Movement is an exhibition by the Kenyan artist Dennis Muraguri, inspired by the famous Nairobi Public Service Vehicles, such as matatus, buses and human transporter...
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Exhibition by Thom Ogonga

11 Dec -15 Jan. This exhibition, entitled Edition One, displays a limited edition of woodcut prints by the Nairobi-based visual artist Thom Ogonga. His exclusively handmade prints are the result of...
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Flamenco Faces Photography Exhibition

9 October-9 November 2012. The embassy of Spain in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) displays this exhibition by the Spanish photographer Maque Falgas, which celebrates Flamenco a...
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Their Fate is Ours

3-21 October 2012. This photographic exhibition, entitled Their Fate is Ours –The Humanity of Great Apes, pays homage among the others to gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans. On dis...
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Exhibition by Tom Mboya

2-21 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Urbanization, features the latest acrylic, oil and water paintings by the Kenyan visual artist Tom Mboya. Mboya’s works focus on how human activities...
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Accumulating Signs by Mimi Cherono Ng'ok

18 September-12 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Accumulating Signs, by the Kenyan photographer Mimi Cherono Ng'ok, is displayed within the series Sasa Nairobi, dedicated to Kenyan contemporar...
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At the Discovery of the Milky Way

6-13 September 2012. The Italian Cultural Institute presents this photographic exhibition, entitled The Milky Way through Science, History and Art. Since many centuries the arc of the Milky Way, a...
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Kenya's Olympic Journey

1-31 August 2012. On occasion of the Olympic Games in London, this photographic exhibition, entitled Kenya’s Olympic Journey, aims to promote Kenyan sporting history stories at a local and inter...
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Exhibition by Paul Onditi

29 July-22 August 2012. This exhibition features a series of experimental works by the revolutionary Kenyan artist Paul Onditi. Onditi’s canvases mix acrylics, bleach, ink as well as traditio...


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