Their Fate is Ours

3-21 October 2012. This photographic exhibition, entitled Their Fate is Ours –The Humanity of Great Apes, pays homage among the others to gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans.

On display is a series of dramatic photographs, taken in the Ivory Coast, Congo, Cameroon, Indonesia and Malaysia by Dr. Johannes Refisch, member of the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP), which underlines the beauty and complexity of these incredible creatures, focusing on their habitat and life style as well as on the difficult conservation challenges posed by humans, who live in close proximity and compete for the same natural resources. The great apes, which are mankind’s closest relations, share many features with humans, including emotions, culture, politics and even genetics. Great apes currently face a great risk of extinction, mainly due to the carelessness and cruelty of men. T

herefore, GRASP is strongly committed to conserve wild populations of great apes in their natural habitat, and to ensure that great apes and people interact in a positive and sustainable way.

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Address Alliance Francaise. Loita / Monrovia Streets, Nairobi, tel. (20) 34 00 54/79.

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Their Fate is Ours

Alliance Francaise. Loita / Monrovia Streets, Nairobi, tel. (20) 34 00 54/79.

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