Japanese Film Festival

15-16 October 2012. The embassy of Japan and the Alliance Ethio-Française organizes this Japanese Film Festival.

The festival opens on 15 October with a cocktail (19.15-19.45), followed by the projection of the movie After the Flowers by Kenji Nakanishi at 20.00. This historical fiction is inspired by a short story, written by the famous novelist Fujisawa Shuhei, which pays homage to the Edo culture and the true samurai spirit. It is set Unasaka-Han in the Tohoku-region and tells the story of Ito, a beautiful young talented fencer coming from a family of samurai, who falls in love for the first time with Magoshiro, a young samurai of the Han.

On 16 October at 19.00 on screen will be the movie Hotel Hibiscus, which tells the story of a young energic girl, named Mieko, and her family, who lives in Okinawa. Here Mieko’s family runs an old hotel, called Hotel Hibiscus, which has only one room for rent. The beauties of Okinawa and the summer adventures of the protagonist are the focus of the film.

General Info

Address Alliance Ethio-Française. Wavel Street, Addis Ababa.

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Japanese Film Festival

Alliance Ethio-Française. Wavel Street, Addis Ababa.