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Accra What's on

International Women's Day in Accra

8 and 11 March. Exhibitions and discussions organised by African's Women's Development fund with Alliance Francaise. To mark international women's day on 8 March two events in Accra centre on women...
Nairobi What's on

Richard Kimathi at One Off Contemporary Art

27 Feb-27 March. Kenyan artist looks at problems of The Common People. One of Kenya's foremost artists examines common problems for ordinary people, whether immigration, dress and the havoc and pre...
Cape Town What's on

The Price of Gold

1 Dec- 29 Feb. A series of photographic portraits of sick gold miners. Photographs by Thom Pierce of 56 sick miners and miners' widows. The exhibition is in the dark to give the impression of being...
Cape Town What's on

Maboneng Township Arts Experience

Maboneng annual open house art exhibitions. 29 Nov. Houses in Gugulethu Township are converted into art galleries and stages to encourage neighbourhood creativity and appreciation for the arts. Thi...
Cape Town What's on

Marlise Keith's Difficult Things

South African artist Marlise Keith opens solo show. 5-26 Nov. Marlise Keith pursues a series of Difficult Things in sketches and sewing, transforming the chores of everyday life into creative image...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Vita Malulu shows new work in Dar Es Salaam

13-23 Oct. The title of this exhibition is Wakati wa Kura na Kuliwa. The Vote and the Handout. Eight paintings and an installation by Tanzanian artist, Vita Malulu, examine the promises and politi...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Paul Ndunguru exhibition in Dar es Salaam

6-30 Oct. In this exhibition Paul Ndunguru – painter, illustrator and sculptor – raises questions about the right to information and social justice through selected symbols. Ndunguru is the founde...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Nicholas Calvin, Aurelie Lierman, Anoek De Smet

Context, gravity and expressions Nicholas Clavin, photographer, and Aurelie Lierman, radio producer and vocal artist, explore contemporary Tanzania in photographs and video recordings in this exhib...
Nairobi What's on

Recent Works II at One Off Gallery

The One Off Gallery in Nairobi presents the second in its recent works series to present work by the gallery's artists. There are Untitled drawings by Peterson Kamwathi, works on paper by Beatrice...
Accra What's on

Annual Ghana Flower Show

The theme of the annual Ghana flower show this year is “The World is Your Garden”. It is designed to promote the importance of horticulture to exports, tourism, employment, environmenta...
Cape Town What's on

Kim Mafafo

Withdrawn is the title of this exhibition by Kim Mafafo which looks at the city of life of a woman called Aziwe, protected from her urban surroundings by lush plants and flowers. Mafafo, whose fath...
Cape Town What's on

Ask for What you Want. Lady Skollie.

In this exhibition entitled Ask for What you Want Laura Windvogel, who uses the pseudonym Lady Skollie, explores themes of gender, sex, greed and lust and our overrated expectations of romantic and se...
Accra What's on

Ani onaa lo!

The theme of this photographic exhibition is the damage that pollution causes to the environment, whether from burning, dumping or felling. The title means Can't you see in the local Ga language. T...
Cairo What's on

Cinemania exhibition in Cairo

An exhibition of contemporary reproductions of vintage film posters from the 1950s-1970s. These three decades were the golden age of Egyptian cinema posters, when Cairo was the Hollywood of the Mid...
Addis Ababa What's on

Addis Contemporary in Nairobi

Eleven contemporary Ethiopian artists are showing their work at the Circle Art gallery in Nairobi in an exhibition curated by Mifta Zikele. Most of the artists were born and live in Addis Ababa and...


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