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Choices exhibition in Dar es Salaam

8-20 March. Exhibition to mark International Women's Day. A group show for eight artists to mark international women's day. The artists are Safina Kimbokota, Viviane Coupleux, Doreen Mandawa, Aless...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Vita Malulu shows new work in Dar Es Salaam

13-23 Oct. The title of this exhibition is Wakati wa Kura na Kuliwa. The Vote and the Handout. Eight paintings and an installation by Tanzanian artist, Vita Malulu, examine the promises and politi...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Paul Ndunguru exhibition in Dar es Salaam

6-30 Oct. In this exhibition Paul Ndunguru – painter, illustrator and sculptor – raises questions about the right to information and social justice through selected symbols. Ndunguru is the founde...
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Nicholas Calvin, Aurelie Lierman, Anoek De Smet

Context, gravity and expressions Nicholas Clavin, photographer, and Aurelie Lierman, radio producer and vocal artist, explore contemporary Tanzania in photographs and video recordings in this exhib...
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Chap Chap Illustration

An exhibition and public workshop on Discovering the Potential of Illustration. The workshop will be held by French illustrator Stephanie Ledoux and the German-Ecuadorian artist Omar Jaramillo....
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Kwadwo Ani exhibition in Dar

Ghanaian artist Kwadwo Ani exhibits his paintings under the heading Hardship and Hope. In this series Ani, one of Ghana's top contemporary artists, depicts scenes from daily life in urban neighbour...
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Zanzibar. A Tale beyond Fiction

This photographic exhibition by French photographer Ania Gruca tracks life on the multi-cultural Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. Gruca, who lives in New York, has been travelling to the island regula...
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Tupo and the Magician

Five of a series of eight prints by Nadir Tharani on the need for magic to change the world today, not the “juju kind” as he says, but a superhuman effort in which we are all “magici...
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Nafasi Art Space

Why Africans Are Not United is an exhibition of photography by Taye Balogun and Mutua Matheka. On 1 Nov the Nafasi Art Space runs a day's workshop for the general public on the subject Chap Chap Af...
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From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean

Christine Coulange, one of the founders of Sisygambis, presents a multi-media documentary exhibition of five years work among communities along the coasts of Indian Ocean. Images, sounds rhythms an...
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Exhibition of Ethiopian Jewelry

This exhibition features a collection of Ethiopian jewels by the twin jewellers from Addis Ababa, Tigest and Haimanot Damtew. These artists started working with jewellery in 2005, after learning their...
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Cartoon Exhibition by Simon Regis

8-13 October 2012. This is the first exhibition in Tanzania by the cartoonist Simon Regis. Regis started painting in primary school and later transformed his passion into a real job, mentored by Jo...
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Exhibition by Sarah Markes

18-24 September 2012. This exhibition displays the latest paintings and drawings on Dar es Salaam’s flora and fauna by Sarah Markes. Merkes has spent her past years at exploring and illustrat...
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Words Lighted Up

10-26 September 2012. This in house exhibition, entitled Words Lighted Up, features a selection of recent works by the illustrators Collins Mdachi and Abdul Gugu. On this occasion these niche artis...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Japanese Handcraft Exhibition

16 July-4 August 2012. The Japanese Embassy in collaboration with the Japanese Foundation organizes this travelling exhibition of Japanese handcrafts, highlighting the different traditions and techniq...
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Sketches of Dar by Sarah Markes

24 May-8 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Sketches of Dar, displays a series of drawings by the illustrator and graphic designer Sarah Markes. The rich and colourful street life of Dar with its...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Exhibition by Miguel Costales

6-17 March 2012. The Spanish, Tanzania-based painter and sculptor Miguel Costales displays his latest paintings. Costales started his artistic career in the 1980s. Africa and especially Tanzania, wher...


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