Dar Es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is an elusive city, and never so much as when you are a foreigner. It is not a capital city but it feels like one. It is not a tourist centre but its modern hotels host many visitors, always on their way to somewhere else. It is part bustling port, part white-sand beaches. It is an old...

Dar Es Salaam What's on

Annual Dar Goat Races

The 15th annual Dar es Salaam goat races will raise funds for small local charities throughout the country. As well as the races there are refreshments, raffles and entertainment for children, with...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

The Great Goatsby

The 14th annual Dar es Salaam charity goat races. This annual family fund raising event attracts about 4,000 people each year in support of small Tanzanian charities. This year money raised by the...
Dar Es Salaam What's on

Goat Races

The 14th edition of the annual Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races raises money for charity. As well as betting on the goats there are other events such as fancy dress competitions, raffles, games for ch...


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