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Identity through Street Art

Opening of the exhibition Identity through Street Art at the Kenya Culture Center. This graffiti art exhibition, supported by urban artist Uhuru Brown is the result of a community outreach programm...
Nairobi What's on

Sex and the City

An exhibition of work by Michael Soi, John Kamicha and Thom Ogonga. Soi is one the the second generation Kenyan artists and a Kuona Trust prodigee. He started as a sculptor and then moved to socia...
Maputo What's on

Photographs of Xefina Island

Opened 29 March. Photographs of the island of Xefina, just off the coast of Maputo by Mario Traversi. The photos are the result of a study of the island over the last ten years and focus on its dis...
Accra What's on

Du Bois in Our Time

An exhibition of work by nine British and Ghanaian artists on the legacy of civil rights leader and Pan Africanist W.E.B Du Bois. Du Bois was a sociologist, historian and an African-American civil...
Addis Ababa What's on

Les Manuscrits de Tombouctou

Part of the celebrations of French language week this exhibition is based on the book The Timbuktu Manuscripts by French journalist Jean-Michel Djian. The Timbuktu Manuscripts, some dating back to...
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Alexandra Spyratos

Before the rains, after the rains. New work by Alexandra Spyratos, who was born in Kenya but travels between Australia, Europe and Africa. Her paintings of animals, especially her zebras and giraffes,...
Accra What's on

Temoin, Witness

An exhibition of work by six prominent African photographers. Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes combine with disturbing modern cityscapes and shocking industrial environments. The work on show...
Maputo What's on

Goethe Cultural Institute 10th anniversary

Destino Irónico, an exhibition of photos by Mário Macilau opens the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Goethe Cultural Institute Maputo. Macilau focuses on political and social cha...
Lagos What's on

Nigeria cartoon exhibition

Nigeria’s first ever animated cartoon exhibition. The fair is designed to promote branding and advertising production in consumer markets.  
Addis Ababa What's on

Wendimagegn Gashaw

Opening of the exhibition by the Addis artist, Wendimagegn Gashaw who had his first solo show at the Alliance Ethio-Française in 2011. Born in 1985 Gashaw is a realist painter who works with...
Nairobi What's on

John Kamicha and Yassir Ali Mohammed

Kenyan artist John Kamicha and Sudanese Yassir Ali Mohammed are showing together at the Banana Hill Gallery. Kamicha’s work has been influenced by the violence and bloodshed of the post-2007...
Addis Ababa What's on


Kidist Berhane displays her work in this group show by 15 women artists on the theme of coffee at the National Museum of Ethiopia. Coffee is grown mainly in Kaffe, a western region of Ethiopia, an...
Cape Town What's on

Da Vinci

Photos, videos and 200 replicas of Leonardo Da Vinci’s lesser-known works, inventions, writings and designs. The works in this exhibition, which has been travelling the world for the last two...
Addis Ababa What's on

Emanuel Tegene. Angels and Demons

This is Emanuel Tegene’s first solo exhibition. He studied at the Ale School of Fine Art before leaving to work in Israel for two years. His graffiti-like figures, some of which carry serial num...
Accra What's on

The Place. Migration from Africa to Europe

Baba Musah Swallah looks at the subject of illegal migration from Africa to Europe. He uses a mix of media in his works, such as canvas, wood, glass, cloth and rope. Two friends of the artist died...
Nairobi What's on

Mourning the Loss

This group exhibition of work by some of Kenya’s internationally known artists – Chelenge Van Rampelberg, Timothy Brooke, Peterson Kamwathi and Elijah Ooko – focuses on the plight an...
Accra What's on

Coffins in Ghana

Coffins like Nowhere Else. Eric Adjetey Anang is known in Ghana and abroad as one of the country’s most innovative coffin designers. He has presented his work at international events in Belgium,...
Nairobi What's on

Mwanamke ni Effort

Paintings by James Njoroge in his first solo exhibition. The works in the show are a tribute to his mother and all the “faceless” women of Kenyan, ignored, marginalised and burdened by...
Accra What's on

Tei Huagie. Inside Out

This exhibition by the painter, sculptor and designer Tei Huagie opens the new gallery space and gift shop at the Nubuke Foundation. Huagie's work includes abstract geometrical paintings, sculpture...
Addis Ababa What's on

Elias Sime

Using computer motherboards as inspiration Elias Sime has created Tightrope out of recyclable materials. The exhibition is curated by Meskerem Assegued and is on show at the Alliance Ethio-Fran&cce...


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