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New Gallery 1957 opens for Ghana Independence Day

Marwan Zakhem opens new gallery of contemporary Accra art. To mark Ghana's independence day on 6 March the Accra-based collector and businessman Marwan Zakhem is opening his new gallery Gallery 195...
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International Women's Day in Accra

8 and 11 March. Exhibitions and discussions organised by African's Women's Development fund with Alliance Francaise. To mark international women's day on 8 March two events in Accra centre on women...
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Annual Ghana Flower Show

The theme of the annual Ghana flower show this year is “The World is Your Garden”. It is designed to promote the importance of horticulture to exports, tourism, employment, environmenta...
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Ani onaa lo!

The theme of this photographic exhibition is the damage that pollution causes to the environment, whether from burning, dumping or felling. The title means Can't you see in the local Ga language. T...
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This cartoon is a satire

An exhibition of Ghanaian political cartoons from independence onwards. The cartoons capture the important political, social, religious and economic events of the last six decades.
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Du Bois in Our Time

An exhibition of work by nine British and Ghanaian artists on the legacy of civil rights leader and Pan Africanist W.E.B Du Bois. Du Bois was a sociologist, historian and an African-American civil...
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Temoin, Witness

An exhibition of work by six prominent African photographers. Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes combine with disturbing modern cityscapes and shocking industrial environments. The work on show...
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The Place. Migration from Africa to Europe

Baba Musah Swallah looks at the subject of illegal migration from Africa to Europe. He uses a mix of media in his works, such as canvas, wood, glass, cloth and rope. Two friends of the artist died...
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Coffins in Ghana

Coffins like Nowhere Else. Eric Adjetey Anang is known in Ghana and abroad as one of the country’s most innovative coffin designers. He has presented his work at international events in Belgium,...
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Tei Huagie. Inside Out

This exhibition by the painter, sculptor and designer Tei Huagie opens the new gallery space and gift shop at the Nubuke Foundation. Huagie's work includes abstract geometrical paintings, sculpture...
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Art Installation by Gideon Appah

This large-scale art installation, which combines a video with some sculptural pieces, was created by Gideon Appah and entirely covers the horizontal walls and the interior ceilings of Goethe-Institut...
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Paintings by Nii Amasah

17 Jan-26 Feb. Goethe Institut in collaboration with the Amorkor Gallery of Osu present this abstract oil painting exhibition on the storytelling genre by the Ghanaian painter Nii Amasah. Amasah li...
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Female Rights in Ghana

27 November 2012. This documentary photographic exhibition, entitled Female Rights in Ghana, is organized in cooperation with Amnesty International Ghana. Under the solgan Stop Violence against Wom...


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