Kaneshie neighbourhood

Kaneshie, about 4km northwest of the city centre, is a densely populated, bustling mixed-income area centred around the palace of the Ga Mantse, the traditional ruler of the Ga.

It has both old and modern buildings and there are basic services such as water and electricity. Telephone lines can be installed on request. The area boasts Kaneshie Market, one of the biggest markets in west Africa, where women sit under huge straw hats behind piles of tomatoes, yams, beans, plantains, peanuts and rice and basins of dried fish or meat. Household items and textiles are also available on the upper floors. The market, on the Kaneshie Mallam Road, is open daily from morning to evening. Food can also be purchased from roadside stalls.

The Central University College, a private university run by the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), an Evangelical Charismatic Christian church, and the Azuma Nelson Sports Complex, named after one of Ghanas renowned featherweight boxing champions, are also to be found here. The Kaneshie Industrial Area produces plastic items (chairs, buckets, cups, bowls), mattresses and pillows, pens and fruit juices. Petty theft is rife.

Located on one of the main roads leading out of the capital, Kaneshie is the site of the long-distance bus station as well as trotro and taxi parks for local services. There is heavy local traffic throughout the day, especially around the market and on the main Kaneshie-Odorkor Road and the journey into town can take over an hour.

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Address Kaneshie, Accra, Ghana

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Kaneshie neighbourhood

Kaneshie, Accra, Ghana