La (Labadi)area

La, on the coast beyond Osu (Christianborg) to the east of the city centre, is another area traditionally settled by the Ga.

It has a mix of very old houses dating as far back as the late 1800s and a few modern ones.

Most houses are of the compound house type and are family homes. Like the other low-income areas, La is poorly planned and densely populated with poor roads that turn to mud during the rainy season and inadequate drainage. The exception is the South La Estates, along the shore, which have modern houses and good roads. However, there are basic services such as electricity and water and supplies are reliable (although some houses do not have taps and inhabitants have to buy their water from those who do).

The main roads are lined with shops and offices and there are schools, La Market, clinics, recreational centres, churches and a few mosques. The residents are small traders, drivers and office workers. La is home to the Ghana Trade Fair Authority, a vast stretch of land made up of pavilions where traders from most parts of Africa and other continents occasionally exhibit their goods for sale. There is also the La Pleasure Beach, which is a fun place to be especially on public holidays and at weekends. Trotros and taxis connect the area to most parts of the city and there is not much traffic.

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Address La Rd, Accra, Ghana

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La (Labadi)area

La Rd, Accra, Ghana