Asylum Down and Kokomlemle

Asylum Down and Kokomlemle, due north of the city centre, are separated by the Ring Road Central.

The areas have both old and modern buildings and are averagely populated with people of both higher and medium-income levels. There are basic services such as water and electricity and telephone lines can be installed on request. On the Kokomlemle side of the ring road, furthest from the city centre, is the popular 24-hour speed broadband and dial-up connection internet caf, Busy Internet.

Almost directly opposite, on the Asylum Down side, is the popular night club Apollo Theatre. Also located in Asylum Down is the psychiatric hospital, commonly known as the Asylum, and the Trust Towers, which houses numerous offices and shops. Kokomlemle is home to JOY FM, Accras most popular radio station, and also to the Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC), one of the first technical institutes in Ghana, close to the popular Challenge Bookshop, selling Christian literature and films.

Both areas have churches (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Charismatic, Pentecostal and Evangelical) but not many mosques, as most Muslims go to Accra New Town or Nima to pray. There are no markets in Asylum Down and Kokomlemle and residents go to Malamata market in Accra New Town or Makola market in the city centre to buy their food. Armed robbery is rare but, like in all other areas, there is petty theft. Transportation to and from these areas is good and generally speaking traffic is light, although the Ring Road is congested in the afternoon and evening most days of the week.

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Address Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana

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Asylum Down and Kokomlemle

Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana

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