East Legon area

East Legon, 13km northeast of the city centre, is noted for its sophisticated modern low-rise apartment blocks and detached houses; older buildings have been renovated to look very new.

The area is sparsely populated and occupied mainly by high-income groups and foreigners. There are a number of offices and hotels, including the popular Errata Hotel with live bands playing jazz and highlife (Ghanaian pop music) at weekends. East Legon is also home to the Livingroom Theatre, where families can pay to watch any film of their choice.

There are the A&C Shopping mall, built in late 2005, markets and supermarkets, although prices at the latter can be high. Telephone services (pay as you call) and internet cafs offering both broadband and dial-up connections are available in this area. The connection speed depends on the time of day; it is very fast in the early hours of the morning and at night.

The Ecole Franaise, a French-language international school popular with people from francophone countries, is also located in East Legon. Armed robbery is not uncommon in this area (although there have been fewer incidents of late) and petty theft is rife. Commercial vehicles trotros, buses and taxis connect East Legon to the city centre but traffic is heavy in the morning and evening.

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Address East Legon, Accra, Ghana

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East Legon area

East Legon, Accra, Ghana