Chorkor area

Chorkor is a poorly planned, overpopulated area overlooking the sea southwest of the city centre.

It lacks most basic infrastructure and the houses, dating from the pre-colonial and colonial eras, are made of brick and mud. The area is populated by the indigenous Ga so most houses are family homes. Residents are mostly fishers or sell food. Chorkor is renowned for its Chorkor Smokers, locally manufactured ovens used for smoking large quantities of fish. There are constant outdooring ceremonies, when newborn babies are presented to the community.

This involves prayers to God and the pouring of libation to ancestors for ushering the baby into the world, naming the baby, giving the baby its first drink by putting a few drops of water and wine on its lips while telling it to be truthful at all times with the words If its water, say water and if its wine say it is wine; this is followed by present-giving and merry-making. Residents, especially young people, frequently gather to discuss topical issues and boxing and football are other common leisure activities. Games such as draughts are also played until late into the night.

There are video centres where people pay between 2,000 and 5,000 cedis to watch films on tape or DVD, as well as video games and social clubs. Transportation in Chorkor is reasonable but there is heavy local traffic.

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Address Chorkor, Accra, Ghana

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Chorkor area

Chorkor, Accra, Ghana