Nima Mamobi and Accra New Town (Lagos Town)

The neighbouring areas of Nima, Mamobi and Accra New Town, outside the Ring Road to the north of the city centre, are made up of very old houses dating as far back as the late 1800s and a few modern ones, mostly of the compound house type.

Poorly planned, they are densely populated with narrow, unsurfaced roads that turn to mud during the rainy season. There is no proper drainage system in these areas. However, there are basic services such as water and electricity and supplies are reliable. Nima, Mamobi and Accra New Town are predominantly Muslim areas and they are popular with foreign immigrants, especially Nigerians. Most residents are traders, drivers of commercial vehicles or office workers.

The main roads are lined with shops (bookshops, fabric shops, shoe shops, forex bureaus, handicrafts) and offices including banks. There are also markets: Nima, Mamobi and Malamata, on the New Town-Circle road. Malamata is the largest and most popular market, where crop farmers and traders from neighbouring villages come to sell their produce. Foodstuffs are therefore affordable and easy to find. There are schools and colleges, including Makaranta or Koranic schools attended by the local Muslim youth. Nima is divided into sub-areas, each of which carries the name of a city or state in the United States (Alaska, Atlanta, Chicago).

The areas are noisy and busy and have a lively nightlife (computer games, cinemas, night clubs, etc). Security is guaranteed by local vigilante groups, sometimes referred to as neighbourhood watchdog committees. There is some petty theft. Parking is inadequate and traffic is heavy especially on the Nima Highway and New Town-Circle Road.

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Address Nima, Accra, Ghana

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Nima Mamobi and Accra New Town (Lagos Town)

Nima, Accra, Ghana