Labone and Osu Neighbourhoods (Christianborg)

Labone and Osu (Christianborg) lie towards the coast about 3km east of the city centre.

They offer a mix of houses dating from the early 20th century (both low-rise apartment blocks and detached houses) and more modern ones.

The sea breeze and trees planted along the roads make the areas feel cool. They have numerous offices, including embassies. There are also shops, churches and schools (nursery, mission schools, preparatory schools and an orphanage). Osu is inhabited by the indigenous Ga people and is the site of the 17th-century Osu or Christianborg Castle, now the seat of government.

Oxford Street, also in Osu, is renowned for its food joints (especially Papaye for food and Frankies for ice-cream) and shops and gets very lively, particularly at night. Near Osu market is the Osu night market, where domedo (traditional roast pork), banku and kenkey (both made of corn dough and served with sauce), are sold. Labone has a bookshop, Omari, which also sells quality greetings cards, the popular Labone Coffee Shop and Metro TV, a private television station. Getting to and from these areas is very easy as they are linked by taxi and trotros to most parts of town.

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Address Labone, Accra, Ghana

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Labone and Osu Neighbourhoods (Christianborg)

Labone, Accra, Ghana