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Italian cultural week in Ghana

Exhibitions of contemporary Italian architecture, music and cinema make up the annual Italian cultural week in Accra. One of the features this year is Tarantula Rubra, a contemporary Italian band,...
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Writers Project of Ghana

This event takes place within the Ghana Voices Series and consists of a monthly book reading, dedicated to the novel Circles by the Ghanaian writer and organizational psychologist and consultant Boaky...
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Enhancing Culture Reporting

The famous German writer Johanna di Blasi holds this workshop for journalists on Enhancing Culture Reporting, which reflects on the role of media in the development of national culture. Di Blasi intro...
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Lecture Series: Architecture in Accra

16 April 2012. This lecture, held by the famous Ghanaian architect and former mayor Nat Nuno-Amarteifio, pays homage to Architecture in Accra and focuses on its early traditional architectural styles....


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