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The Price of Gold

1 Dec- 29 Feb. A series of photographic portraits of sick gold miners. Photographs by Thom Pierce of 56 sick miners and miners' widows. The exhibition is in the dark to give the impression of being...
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Maboneng Township Arts Experience

Maboneng annual open house art exhibitions. 29 Nov. Houses in Gugulethu Township are converted into art galleries and stages to encourage neighbourhood creativity and appreciation for the arts. Thi...
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Marlise Keith's Difficult Things

South African artist Marlise Keith opens solo show. 5-26 Nov. Marlise Keith pursues a series of Difficult Things in sketches and sewing, transforming the chores of everyday life into creative image...
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Kim Mafafo

Withdrawn is the title of this exhibition by Kim Mafafo which looks at the city of life of a woman called Aziwe, protected from her urban surroundings by lush plants and flowers. Mafafo, whose fath...
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Ask for What you Want. Lady Skollie.

In this exhibition entitled Ask for What you Want Laura Windvogel, who uses the pseudonym Lady Skollie, explores themes of gender, sex, greed and lust and our overrated expectations of romantic and se...
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Black Koki

The exhibition Laugh now, cry later shows new work by the Johannesburg-born artist Black Koki. The images - large abstract themes in ink, acrylic and spray paint - mark a new development from the a...
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Odili Donald Odita and Sabelo Mlangeni

The Stevenson Gallery shows work by these two very different artists. Odita's bright abstract acrylics are a complete contrast to the predominantly black and white photography of Mlangeni, although...
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GRID in Cape Town

The international photography biennale of worldwide trends in photography, usually held in the Netherlands, is showing in Cape Town for the first time. The theme is Constructions and is divided int...
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The opening of the 50th anniversary edition of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. There are 17 categories, including the new special award for the best time-lapse video. The 100 p...
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This exhibition, which takes its title from a book on colour by filmmaker Derek Jarman written not long before he died, explores colour from various perspectives, using quotations from his text and fr...
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Lego Art in Cape Town

The Art of the Brick exhibition is made up of 76 large-scale art works constructed entirely of lego pieces. On show is a lego-built tyrannosaurus rex, a Mona Liza and Venus di Milo by the American...
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Da Vinci

Photos, videos and 200 replicas of Leonardo Da Vinci’s lesser-known works, inventions, writings and designs. The works in this exhibition, which has been travelling the world for the last two...
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Martyrs, saints and sellouts

Photos by the anti-apartheid photographers Benny Gool, Zubeida Vallie and Adil Bradlow. Many of the photos were taken on Cape Flats and show well-known events and political activists, but there are al...
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Tribute Kevin Atkinson

This exhibition is drawn from the Atkinson’s underground Studio, better known as Plato’s Cave and pays tribute to the South African painter and sculptor Kevin Atkinson (1939-2007). It anal...
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Against the Grain: Five Sculptures in Wood

This exhibition, entitled Against the Grain, displays a series of works by five talented black African wood sculptors from the Western Cape, including Isaac Makeleni, Ishmael Thyssen, Stepherd Mbanya,...
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Exhibition by Jabulani Dhlamini

This solo exhibition by the Johannesburg-based photographer Jabulani Dhlamini, entitled UMama, displays a selection of intimate portraits of single mothers and their homes, which pay tribute to women...
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Pattern Language by Rodan Kane Hart

This exhibition entitled Pattern Language, displays a series of new steel sculptures, sculptural inlays and installations by Rodan Kane Hart. In his works Hart explores experiential structures and scu...
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R-A-T: An Associative Ordering

This exhibition uses the Rattus Norvegicus, the common brown rat, as a mean to explore the representation of species within natural history museums. It places rats around the exhibitory space in a va...
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Promise, a Contemporary Art Exhibition

This contemporary art exhibition, entitled Promise, displays a series of artworks by Raél Jero Salley, which are kept in South Africa’s visual archive. The exhibition commemorates and cel...
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Changing Faces Exhibition

Various emerging and established South African artists have come together for this exhibition, entitled Changing Faces. On display are a series of portraits, which reflect on the changes in the portra...


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