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Umhlaba Wethu: This is Our Land

On occasion of the centenary of the 1913 Land Act, this photographic exhibition looks at the history of South African land. Historical material and more modern works explore the history of this per...
Cape Town What's on

Oliver Reginald Tambo: The Modest Revolutionary

This exhibition pays homage to Oliver Reginald Tambo (1917-1993), politician, leader of the anti-apartheid movement and of the African National Congress (ANC), who had a central role in mobilizing int...
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Labels by Siemon Allen

This exhibition displays a large architectural installation by the South African, US-based artist Siemon Allen, who pays tribute to the rich South African musical history. In his installation Allen...
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Material Women? The Shweshwe Story

23 Feb 2013-31 Dec 2014. This exhibition displays a series of costumes, accessories and contextual images collected by Dr Juliette Leeb-du Toit, which retrace the origins of isishweshwe cloth. It f...
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Tribute to François le Vaillant

29 Nov-26 May. This exhibition, entitled The King’s Map, pays homage to François le Vaillant (1753-1824), French traveler, explorer, naturalist and social critic, as well as the first sig...
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Black Folk

29 Nov-19 Jan. This exhibition displays the audio-visual works by Jared Thorne, the 2012 Donald Gordon Creative Arts Fellow, who presents his new vision of Black South Africans. Thorne is in consta...
Cape Town What's on

An African Tale of the Mother City

2 Nov-31 Jan. This travelling exhibition, entitled An African Tale of the Mother City, focuses on the city of Cape Town and its many more and less known stories of ordinary people, especially women, w...
Cape Town What's on

Exhibition by Joshua Miles

15 Dec-31 Jan. This exhibition, entitled Cape Beauty, displays a new series of colourful handmade woodblock prints by Joshua Miles. His impressionistic and delicate woodblocks, which combine master...
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Cape Lace Guild

3 Nov-2 Dec. For the 30th anniversary of the Cape Lace Guild, this exhibition displays the work of members. On display are a series of unique pieces, created over the years, which testify to the ex...
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Uncontained: Opening the Community Arts Project Archive

1 Oct 2012-12 Apr 2013. This exhibition is curated by the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) at UWC, a major research platform dedicated to the reconstitution of the study of the humanities in Afric...
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Mounir Fatmi’s Suspect Language

22 September - 27 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Suspect Language, is the first South African exhibition by the Moroccan-born and Paris-based multimedia artist Mounir Fatmi. Fatmi creates...
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Exhibition by Banksy and Friends

21 August-8 September 2012. This exhibition looks the concept of controversy through a series of works by the famous graffiti guerrilla artist Banksy, as well as other international artists, including...
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Order and Division by Gina Heyer

22 August-3 October 2012. This exhibition, entitled Order and Division, features a series of photorealistic oil paintings by the South African artist Gina Heyer. This collection explores the concep...
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Turn Around Time

3 June-14 July 2012. This Annual Winter Solstice Exhibition, entitled Turn Around Time, offers a time for reflection, revision and re-interpretation. On display are a series of disparate, juxtapose...
Cape Town What's on

Exhibition by Catherine Ocholla

4-29 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Nothing New Under the Sun, displays a series of paintings by Catherine Ocholla. This new series, dedicated to the sky, immortalizes clouds, shown in detail...


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