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Fargahli Abdel Hafiz exhibition at Zamalek art gallery

6 March-4 April. Roma Fargahli by Egyptian artist. Fargahli Abdel Hafiz displays paintings inspired by the city of Rome. Fargahli has strong links with Italy having studied at the Institute of Art...
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Cinemania exhibition in Cairo

An exhibition of contemporary reproductions of vintage film posters from the 1950s-1970s. These three decades were the golden age of Egyptian cinema posters, when Cairo was the Hollywood of the Mid...
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Magdi Naguib

Colour in Lyrics. The artist reflects on 50 years “between the pressure of daily mundane details and the fantasy of imaginations.” Magdi Naguib is known first of all for his poetry and...
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Farouk Hosni

New paintings by Egypt's one-time minister of culture. This is the first exhibition that Hosni has had in Egypt since he was ousted from office during the 2011 revolution that toppled President Mub...
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Next to Here in Cairo

The exhibition entitled Next to Here displays the work of 18 young photographers from 11 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The 74 works on display at the Contemporary Image Collective...
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This exhibition marks the opening of the new contemporary space in Cairo, Heytan (which means “walls” in Arabic) with a long-term project on the city’s street vendors. The exhibition...
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Caravan exhibition of visual arts

The sixth edition of this travelling visual arts exhibition displays the work of 48 Egyptian and international artists under the auspices of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. The theme th...
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Veiled Reality by Souad Mardam Bey

This exhibition, entitled Veiled Reality, consists of a mostly monochromatic series of large-scale portraits by the Cairo-based, Syrian artist Souad Mardam Bey. Bey reflects on the contemporary socio-...
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Summer Selection

16 August-15 September 2012. This exhibition, entitled Summer Selection, features a series of works by Ahmed Keshta, Ahmed Talal, Amr Kafrawy, Georges Bahgory, Fathi Afifi, Mohamed El-Fayoumi. Bahg...
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Encounter Exhibition

9 June-4 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Encounter, features the works by Deena Fadel, Rossana Corrado and Wael A. Sabour. It was born from the artist’s desire to find an encounter and...
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Harassment at Darb

20 July-20 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Harassment, focuses on sexual harassment during the Egyptian revolution. On display are a series of works among the others by Amira Paree (The Neth...
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Exhibition by Joshua Goode

20 July-20 August 2012. This exhibition, entitled Lost Gods, features two hundred small sculptures by Joshua Goode. Goode’s creations, including complete figures or simple fragments, were bur...
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Collective Exhibition 2012

30 July-16 September 2012. This group exhibition features a series of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glass wares, 3D objects, calligraphies and handmade silver jewelries by 60 artists from different...
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Gallery Collection at Almasar

1 August-1 October 2012. This group exhibition displays a selection of paintings and sculptures, displayed at the gallery over the past four years, by 33 late, modern and contemporary Egyptian ar...
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The Holy Family in Egypt

7 June-3 July 2012. This exhibition pays homage to the Holy Family in Egypt through the works of various Egyptian artists of the caliber of Abdo Ramzy, Abdel-Aal Hassan, Adel Thabet, Gamil Shafik, Geo...
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Epic by Medhat Shafik

1-29 May 2012. This exhibition, entitled Epic, displays the paintings by the Egyptian artist Medhat Shafik. Shafik particularly likes to portray yellow deserts and colourful old markets from his co...
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Dust by Xenia Nikolskaya

10 May-13 June 2012. This exhibition, entitled Dust: The Social Life of Endangered Spaces, displays a series of images by the Russian photographer Xenia Nikolskaya. Her works explore Egypt's abando...
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Drawings by Mustafa Abdel-Moati

26 April-27 May 2012. This exhibition displays the drawings by contemporary Egyptian artist Mustafa Abdel Moati, co-founder of the Egyptian Experimental Group in 1958. Abdel-Moati does not follow f...
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Nubia: Before the Flood

29 April-31 May 2012. This photographic exhibition features a selection of black and white photographs, taken in the early 1960s by Abdel Fattah Eid. This images pay homage to the Nubian culture, b...
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Paintings by paintings by Britt Boutros Ghali

26 April-15 May 2012. This exhibition, entitled Transformation, displays the paintings by the Norwegian artist paintings by Britt Boutros Ghali. This painter is well known for her vibrant abstract...


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